Halena Kays

Co-founder of Barrel of Monkeys

Company Member Since: 1997

Favorite Food: Frito Pie

Superpower: Can make BOM members and fans travel through time.

Animal That Describes My Acting Style: quick like a bunny, mean as a snake

Favorite Line From a Story Written For PML: "One day I saw a monkey named monkey duh and a cat named cat duh so the monkey said I love let's have catmonk she said I would love to they got married and had 15 catmonk." Runner-up: "Boxes. I hate boxes." Miss Congeniality: "Then Pinky tells them all about opposite day. 'When is opposite day?' 'Opposite day is February 6th.' And they all went to Pinky's cave."

Ghost, Kitty, Robot, or Muffin? Monster.