The Phone Call Heard Round the Room.

Posted by M.Govier on May 19, 2008

After School Program

We (the teachers of the Loyola Park Monday class) were watching the kids run through the stories that they are performing for their big show on May 22, 2008 at 3:30pm. Then we heard a ringing. It’s a cell phone. I looked around the room at the other teachers and they all looked shocked. Lauren was about to say something to the extent of, “Hey you need to put your phone away,” but before she could say anything, the girl answered her phone. She is in the middle of a scene on stage and now she is on the phone. It gets better, my friend. Once she answers this is what she says:

Girl: “Hello. Do you realize I am at Barrel of Monkeys right now?! I am in the middle of a scene! Why would you call me?! I have to go.”

Then the girl hung up and said sorry to us, and went back to the scene. 

I thought that was so great.  She picked up the phone to tell the caller what a bad time it was for them to call. That rocks. So if any of you call me and I pick up, there is a chance that I might tell you that this is a bad time and why would you call me now.


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