Do you want to hear a scary story? That’s Weird, Grandma gets spookier!

Posted by Joe on September 19, 2015

That's Weird Grandma TWG Weekly Update

The Fall is near and it’s the best time for witches!

witch's curse

Watch out for witches driving busses and the witch’s curse!

This haircut nightmare joins the list of stories haunted our stage!

THE WITCH’S CURSE by: Kendra, Mya, Breyon, Alexandria , Chalmers School of Excellence
Once upon a time there was a girl.  Her name was Sara.  Sara’s hair was very short.  A magic boy witch made her hair short.  He used a hair wand.  Sara didn’t like that her hair was short.  So, she went on a search for the boy witch.  She never found him. But she saw a castle with creepy stuff in the distance…  to be continued THE END.

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See you at the show!


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