Loyola Park After School Program: Asking the Big Questions

Posted by Lindsey D on November 25, 2012

After School Program

Here at Barrel of Monkeys, we get to tackle some pretty compelling questions.  Questions like:
“What does food talk about when you close the fridge?” 
“What happens when there is a Pizza Shortage and you normally eat pizza ALL THE TIME?”
and “What did Pocahontas name her five kids?”

Friends, not even William Shakespeare himself was brave enough to take on these age-old quandaries, but the writers at the Loyola Park After school Program are more than up for the task.  Now as we near the end of rehearsals for our Loyola Park show, the Monkey Actors are glad to know what goats would say if they could talk, what kind of cows live on the Moo Planet, and what it felt like to survive the Chicago Fire. 

And now, some pictures:

Here some Barrel of Monkey cast members focus on learning the “Gangnam Style” dance that Zoe showed you in the last blog post.  Look at that Intense Concentration!

Brandon, Brenda, and Melissa dance like baby snakes.  You didn’t know baby snakes could dance?  Well, now you know. 

Zoe tries to befriend an alien (Caleb).  Could this be the worst first day of school ever…or the best?!

Now I am off to perfect my “Russian Dwarf Hamster” dialect and practice singing about Pies You Can’t Have for tomorrow’s show.  Go Loyola Park!

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