READ and BE MERRY! Here are the Student-Written Stories in… That’s Weird, Grandma: Holiday Extravaga

Posted by Brandon on December 6, 2019

Thanksgiving is complete, so get out the jingle bells & holly and come celebrate the Holidays with That’s Weird Grandma: Holiday Extravaganza. Did you know you can read all of the stories online before you come to the show? Check them out here!

The Sord features the hilarious dynamic duo of Santa & Krampus
The Unknown Baby: What will you get from Santa?
In Santa’s Mean Day, we learn that even Jolly Old St. Nick can have a bad day.

After a long hiatus The Time I ate a Christmas Ball returns to TWG!
Monica’s Special Xmas Eve is another Holiday Classic about a girl who is the worst at Geography.
Also, Jerry Like to Work... on Christmas eve… Doesn’t he?

Dear Hidoyla teaches the extraterrestrials all about Hanukkah
And OMG I found Sister’s Friend gives a child’s perspective of how adults celebrate NYE

In Way of Soup, Jackie Chan helps Jeff overcome his fears and embrace a delicious comfort food.
The Story of the Weird Monkey is set in the freezing cold land of Cent-o-pia.
In The North Pole, two jungle animals vacation to the Arctic.
The Fire King is one character that has extreme hot-weather blues

Trap of Death, get ready for Coding and Trap Music
Can We Have Super Powers? Is a compelling argument written to God

Evil Devil Printer combines demons with office equipment and its an Opera!
Don and the Three Mimes pits a scientist against performance artists
And then there is The Darkness… Just read it because you’ll love it!

I hope you enjoyed reading all of the students’ stories and we can’t wait to perform them for you at That’s Weird, Grandma: Holiday Extravaganza!!! December 9-December 21 at Fridays at 8pm and Saturdays at 3pm & 8pm at The Neo Futurist Theatre.

Cast Includes: Jen Allman, Noah Appelbaum, Ashley Bland, Bryan Bosque, Annie Calhoun, Kaylyn Carter, Taylor Galloway, Gaby Hirsch, and Brandon Cloyd
Stage Manager: Cedar Larson
Director: Brandon Cloyd

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