Secret Identities Blown

Posted by Rachel on October 14, 2008

After School Program

We recently completed week four of the Loyola Park after school program, and with three groups of students at different age levels, this year’s program includes kids a full year younger than ever before. Joe and I are teaching the youngest group, 7-9 year olds, and they are some savvy children.

I’ve always questioned the feasibility of Superman transforming into Clark Kent simply by putting on glasses. Because I’m a cruel woman who likes to confuse children, I introduced the Loyola Park kids to my own alter ego. In the first week, they met Rachel . . . in glasses.

In the second week, I wore contacts. At first, the children were fooled. “Who are you?” they asked me. “You’re not Rachel.”

“Oh, but I am,” I said. “I just left my glasses at home.” They eyed me warily for a while, and then decided to accept me in my new incarnation.

Last week, Joe wore glasses to class for the first time. Chaos ensued.


“Who is that man? That’s not Joe! What are you doing here?” the children cried.

Joe tried to tell them he was an alien, but they didn’t buy it. Bet they wouldn’t have bought it from Superman either.

Despite our best efforts to sew mistrust and mayhem, the children have adapted to our guises. They won’t be fooled again.

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