Clash of the Titans

Posted by Lacy on October 17, 2010

That's Weird Grandma TWG Weekly Update Touring Performances

I remember when Mike Tutaj’s iconic adaptation of “The Dog Was Dead” first showed up in That’s Weird, Grandma.  We could not believe the audience response.

Well, that’s a lie. We could believe it, because, come on. It was awesome.

The response, nevertheless, was unprecedented.  Every week it got the most votes! And so it outlasted every other story in the show, staying in week after week, month after month. In December we did it wearing Santa hats. For Valentines Day we wore headbands with little heart antennae. In the summer we took it to Theater on the Lake. We finally retired it from the show - against the weekly vote landslide! - thinking that nothing would ever have that kind of staying power again.

And then… came “Magical Place.”

And it started all over again. 
In fact, “Magical Place” is so darn popular, did you know that it’s the theme of Fancy Schmancy Benefit this year?
Did you know that this Friday night at Fancy Schmancy, you will see an unprecedented and extra-fancy presentation of “Magical Place?”
And most of all, DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS???

It means that both “Magical Place” and “The Dog Was Dead” are in the Monday night show right now.

Holy vote explosion! Which one will get the most votes? Will it be the German expressionist fury of The Dog Was Dead? Or the sickening glee of Magical Place?

Hold on to your silly hat.
It might not be either one, because last week a new story showed up on the scene. And when the votes were all tallied, it blew The Dog Was Dead right out of the water.  BJ’s aptly entitled “Dialogue: Suspense Thriller” took last week by storm.

So make sure to come this week, so you can decide for yourself which one deserves to reclaim (or ascend!) the throne!
Warning: Dialogue: Suspense Thriller already has a head start.

Check out That’s Weird, Grandma on Monday as a tasty appetizer to the Monkey feast that is Fancy Schmancy Benefit on Friday!
(You did know about Fancy Schmancy, didn’t you? It’s the special coupon code of the week.)

Runlist and stories below!

The Lost Gameboy
The Reporter and the Crazy Vets
The Day I Found Out I Had Ghost
The Shark that Chops
DOG by Flome, New Field
The Badest Day Ever
Dialogue - Suspense Thriller
Chair Argument (untitled)
Grannies lean like a cholo
Magical Place
Untitled (I am normal too)
Where I’m From (Underwater)
Daisy & Jimmy
The Dog Was Dead
Batman Saves the World


That’s my ballot! Huzzah!

I implore BOM to film this sketch and post it EVERYWHERE! Seriously, I was laughing so hard that I thought you guys might stop the show and ask me to leave. I literally had tears of hysteria rolling down my face from start to finish. I never thought anyone could top Elizabeth as JoJo in “Dance of Yousail” or J. Mastro’s legendary “Well, frost my sheet cake!” ad-lib from an unforgettable Memorial Day performance of “Little Richard and Shaft”, but the kid who wrote this dialogue takes the cake.


Justin Velander Holt October 18, 2010 at 04:01 AM

Now if only “Cyclone Evil Washing Machine” was in at the same time, people’s minds would melt.  Mostly the cast’s.

Jason October 18, 2010 at 10:27 AM

What a beautiful program for children.  What a great way for them to experience the creativity in their soul.

Eternity Rose October 22, 2010 at 11:16 AM

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