Dragons and haircuts and a MELODICA! Oh my!

Posted by Carly on May 20, 2013

School Shows

Hello Monkey friends! Hello blogosphere! Hello world!

Carly here, blogging for the upcoming MORTON SCHOOL SHOW!!!

  Here’s the deal - I moved to Philadelphia a year ago, but I came back to town for a week because I heard the kids at Morton were writing incredible stories and I said to myself “girl, you need to put on your Monkey Wings and fly back to Chi-town.” So that’s what I did. I feel very very lucky that I get to play this week because these stories are no joke, they are SERIOUSLY awesome.

  Wait until you hear about the character Kammarre, Jakylah and Jaquez created: Wrinkle the non-dragon, portrayed by the transformative Zoe Schwartz…and if you’ve always wanted to throw a wedding at the MALL, Linsey the hip-hop DJ has you covered (and so does Dataevia, who wrote an awesome story!)...and let’s talk about my new Monkey friends I met today. I don’t know where we found Gwen, but she is a magical wizard of song and instruments!!! She brought a MELODICA in today for a rocking polka number she adapted from Amata M’s story “The Rock Band.” Diego sings it, and he sings it WELL. (Diego is also a new Monkey, but he and I are old friends, so I didn’t have to shake his hand today). My new Monkey friend Greg wrote a beautiful beautiful rap (yes, rap can be BEAUTIFUL!! Beautiful poetry!) based on a piece by Antonio R., I don’t want spoil any surprises, but it’s quite moving and Amanda and Jeff helped us nail down some lovely choreo to match.

    AND DID I MENTION JEFF TRAINOR IS MAKING HIS MONKEY DIRECTORIAL DEBUT? It’s true and boy is he a pro! Right from the start, this dude knows how to lead a pack of Monkeys into the light for thunder-bringing epicness. Really excited to see him wearing this new hat, it looks REALLY good on him.

That’s all for now folks, tomorrow: more news on the rest of the awesome cast AND hopefully some photos. How’s that sound? Does it sound awesome and delicious? Great.

CARLY OUT!!!! [mic drop]

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