He is Bob Stickle, La De Da and Drawing Animals with a Magic Pincil!

Posted by Molly on June 25, 2012

That's Weird Grandma TWG Weekly Update

Reaching WAAAAAYYYY back into the archives, director Kate Staiger has unearthed “Bob and His Neighbor”, a story that was featured in the very first year of That’s Weird Grandma!

Here’s the story:
Bob and His Neighbor
By Rashad M., 4th Grade, Howland School
Bob Stickle had a new neighbor. He went over to meet the new neighbor. Bob was a very nice man so he brought gifts. When he rang the bell the man said GO AWAY. Bob left the gifts, the next day he went back, the gifts were still there. Bob said, WHY WOULD THE MAN DO THAT? It turns out the man was lonely because every person he gets close to dies. So Bob sends him pies to be happy.

Also, That’s Weird Grandma will be adding “The Magic Pincil” to the lineup.

The Magic Pincil
By Jerriett, Burnham Anthony
Once there was a magic pincil which was passed down from generation to generation. Once there was a girl that like to draw animals. She would have all kinds of pets. The emperor heard all of these things about her. When he sent for her she was forced to make him a ship, although she was told that the pencil was not for evil. In the tooms of china it said that if it was used for evil it will go back in the box of secrets. She used it but before she was done her grandma came with the box then released its power to the toom. That was the last of the magic pencil.

Say “Pies to be happy” at the box office for discounted tickets!

Can’t wait to see you there!

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