Loyola Park Begins!

Posted by Philip on February 13, 2010

School Shows After School Program

Imagine a universe with no men, just women. And these women happen to be intergalactic emissaries of the planets of our solar system. They have met to discuss two important issues: they want something to do and they want something not like them. Eons pass as they experiment, creating sports and eventually creating…A MAN.

All of this from the imagination of a student in our after-school program at Loyola Park. Wowee!

I always love the Loyola Park show - the stories are wild, wacky, and not afraid to push the envelope. Luke gave a great opening speech about how many of these students have participated in Barrel of Monkeys for years, and that we should step up our game to show them something they’ve never seen before! This show has a set of stories in particular centered around a town…Singing Town…and vary from cats that write letters to the editor about why singing town is great, to a song written by Ricky about how we should sing ALL THE TIME and finally an incredible argument about how constantly singing is ANNOYING.

Plus, performing in our space at Loyola Park feels like home. We can add a lot of nuance to the show when it’s in an intimate space vs. a large gym where the acoustics can be tricky and we have to play big and large. It allows us to be subtle actors. There is some particularly subtle acting work being employed in a story about a lactose intolerant dummy in a land of cheese who goes on a rampage.

Stay tuned!

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