Loyola Park Rehearsals

Posted by Halena on March 9, 2012

School Shows After School Program

The highlight of my week is teaching every Monday at our Loyola Park After School Program. 
Here are some rules at Loyola Park.

Imagine my excitement when it was time to start rehearsing for our winter show. Even though I’m not moving very fast these days (I’m 8 months pregnant), I decided to perform in the show anyway because I just couldn’t keep away.  The stories are awesome and my “slow moving bear” character is probably the best choice I make in the show.
Here are some favorite moments so far:
Joe in the fish windbreaker backing up smooth rap by Jenny:


Nick and Jill (the two volunteer teachers for the red group) doing a Ninja Story, holy cow:

while Jeff and Anthony voice their characters from the keyboard, it is hilarious.

The show is Monday at 4pm at Loyola Park.
You should come.
It is awesome.

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