Poems are cool now, by the way.

Posted by Brennan on May 8, 2011

School Shows After School Program

Boy oh Boy.

I feel like I want an intro phrase.  Like “Good Night, and Good Luck,” but I would say it at the beginning of every blog.  Then we would all know that we’ve started, and nobody would miss anything because maybe they aren’t paying attention.  Or maybe they’re kind of just skimming this because they have to check it as part of their job, to make sure I don’t use any swears, or try to start intense political debates, (because people be a CRAZE when they decide it’s time to comment on a political story on the internet), but mostly what they’re doing with their brain is watching this on the other half of their computer screen:


  So anyway, they might need an announcement that it’s time to start paying attention….

....(Because, clearly, I am an intricate and efficient communication artist.  No words or screen space are wasted.  I use the least number of words needed to express the greatest numbers of ideas.  So far, the computer tells me I have used 187 words.  (+2)  And what we’ve all agreed upon thus far is this:  Sometimes, cats forget that they don’t live in the wild, survival-of-the-fittest jungle anymore.  That they don’t have to sneak up on beasts and pounce on them in order to live, because now humans chop up little meat bits and put the bits in bowls for them.  And also now they poo in tiny sand boxes.  But they forget this, and sometimes they see a baby, and they think it is perhaps a weak gazelle that they can use to feed their family of other cats.  This is good news for the rest of us.  For anyone who isn’t that baby, basically.)

    OK.  To business.  I’m here to tell you all about Poetry Show, 2011.  Slam.  (Not a poetry slam.  A life slam.  This poetry event is a flat-out show.)  I think I’m talking so much because I’m kind of nervous, as we’ve already had two rehearsals and I’m only now inviting the world to join us through blog-power.  But, and I know this is going to come as a surprise coming from the BOM blog, but this show is going to be a real winner.  I know we always say that.  But guess what.  It’s not bragging if you can back it up.


Plus, for this show, we didn’t even take the risk of it not being an absolute winner.  Instead, this Poetry Show is a Greatest Hits album.  That’s right.  (And who doesn’t love a Greatest Hits album?  Raise your hand if you own any regular Creedence Clearwater Revival albums.  Now raise your hand if you own Creedence Clearwater Revival: Greatest Hits.  I’m guessing the score was probably somewhere around 0-1 to 2-3.  So.  Boom.  I’m right.)
We’ve taken a bunch of proven winners from Poetry Shows of the past four years, and smashed them all up into one, sweet, sweet Poetry Show Pastry.  Winners like “Disco Girl,” and winners like “Spiders.”  “Two Thinking Tigers.”  Come on. 

It’s gonna be good, is my point.  And you will be happy if you decide to live a life where you see this show.  My last attempts at blogging were fine, but I think I forgot to tell people when and where the show was.  So.  Not an A+, but still a solid B-, I’d say.  If I get to grade myself, Montessori style.  (Note:  Might not actually happen in Montessori schools.)  But I’ve learned.  This time, I promise, I’ll let everybody know.  That’s it for now. 

And if you think that all this talk is just too silly to even pay attention too, you go find that baby.  Go ask that baby what can happen in a life.  He’ll tell you.  He was just walking around, thinking baby stuff, and bam.  Catted.  Right on the top of head.

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