The calm before the monkeys…

Posted by Maggie on February 25, 2009

After School Program

I walked into the dance room at Loyola Park Monday afternoon around two o’clock.  It was dark, silent and still.  Only a few monkeys were gathered patiently near the stage left step of the stage, early for their call time.  The calmness that surrounded me was bizarre, knowing that in just a few minutes the room would be filled monkeys buzzing around singing, dancing and trying on funny hats.  And in just a short time after that, excited children would be coming in, anticipating what they were about to see, which of course was THEIR stories!

Sure enough, my bizarre feeling of what was to come did indeed become a reality very quickly.  May I present to you the 2009 Loyola Park Winter Show!

Monkeys showed up with crazy awesome props.
Funny hats were found.
The children arrived.

Then the zombies!


The cast was talented, the stories were amazing, the characters were so detailed.


Sadly, we are saying goodbye to one of our fantastic monkey performers.  Hopefully, he will come back to us soon, but for now we hope he can find funny beards on his future adventures!


We’ll miss you John!

Great show all!  Can’t wait to see the LP stories in TWG and COA!


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I’ll miss you too, Monkeys.

John February 25, 2009 at 09:38 PM

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