There will be no quiz, but there will be A CHALLENGE!

Posted by Brennan on May 12, 2011

School Shows After School Program

Good Night and Good Luck,


    All right now, be real everyone. 

  So.  In an effort to stay focused on the topic at hand—that being: Poetry Show Sweetness image—I have made an official Poetry Show Viewer Checklist.  (ps—Was it a weird or a regular thing that throughout my boyhood schooling, I was always taught that the way to write was “Ayn Rand Style?”  Which really just meant that, in order to stay organized with your ideas, you wrote your sentences in this order: fact-opinion-opinion, fact-opinion-opinion.  Over and over again.  This brings up a couple of questions.  One, why did that teaching fail in such a large, large way?  (Please see current attempt, and immediate failure, to stay on topic.)  And two, why would that be called Ayn Rand style?  Are all one million of the pages in Atlas Shrugged fact-opinion-opinion?)  (Last note:  There is an 87% chance that I am remembering this incorrectly.  Stay in school kids.  Don’t do drugs.)  image

  All right.  Welp, here’s two opinions for you, Ayn.  The Poetry Show rules.  Boom, one.  But whoops, that was also a fact.  It was both.  And two, if one were to come and see the Poetry show, this person would feel like an awesome tree had fallen on them and smashed their ribs, but they would like it, because an awesome tree is nothing like a regular tree when falling on a person.  An awesome tree fills whatever part of your body it lands on with strength and hope.  You telling me you don’t want ribs full of hope, Ayn?  Ok then.  You think about it.  image

    Let’s get to it.  The following is a checklist for you to print out and bring with you to the Poetry Show this Saturday.  Then you play a game kind of like looking at license plates and shouting out what state they say on them, and kind of like being on a scavenger hunt while sitting in a chair.  The game is called: spot all of the checklist items up there on the sweet Poetry Show stage. 

  Without further nonsense: 





  1.)  A glorious puma   _____

  2.)  A large summertime drink _____

  3.)  The world’s greatest substitute teacher _____

  4.)  A discovered turtle _____

  5.)  Two brave, but unlucky, fish _____

  6.)  “RadioHead”  (Those are like when Jeopardy uses quotes.)  _____

  7.)  $10,000   _____

  8.)  The world’s new #1 Most Valuable Brand _____

  9.)  A French-style barret   _____

  10.)  A Play-Jay (Don’t worry, you’ll know it when you see it.  It can’t be anything other than what it is.)  ______

    Where do you see all these amazing items and more?  (But only one Play-Jay.  Don’t get greedy.)  I’ll tell you. 

        South Shore Cultural Center (Right next to the Parrot Cage Restaraunt!  “Great Portion Sizes!” says!)
        71st and South Shore Drive
        Chi-Cogs, 60649
        Saturday, May 14th
        1:00 PM

      Tickets:  $0        

    See you there friends.  Great portion sizes.

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