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Holiday themed stories.

The Breakin Phone

By Michelle, Chalmers School of Excellence

One day I got a pink phone because my dad said if I get all A B on my report card I get a phone. So my dad buy me a phone. Then one day I went with my friends lil mama, duk duk, and Tamika and we were playing tag and when I were running from my friend lil mama my phone drop out my coat and it break and it crack like boom boom. Then I told my dad what had happened and I told him when I told him I feel scared because I thought that he was to be like a bear mad at me because he spent 300 dollars a lot of money. But he was not mad at me he told me he was going to buy me a new phone. I were very happy like someone that got a lot of money. Then I went back and playing with my friends lil mama, duk duk, and Tamika. The End.

The Girl and The Panda

By Ava, Julia, Preston, Caitlin, 4th Grade, Cherokee Elementary

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Lily who wanted a red panda stuffed animal. She was at the store and her parents were shopping for tennis balls for their tennis tournament. She saw the red panda stuffed animal & asked her parents for it. They said “You don’t need another, you already have too many.” “You can have one of the tennis balls we are getting.” She throws it on the ground because she was so mad. It bounces and breaks a light. She storms off. She goes into the parking lot and gets lost. She sees a sign for a red panda in another store. She finds two $5 bills in the street and uses it to buy the stuffed panda. Her parents find her and yell at her for going behind their back. Then they return it. They say they didn’t buy it for her because they’re saving for a flight for the tennis tournament. A week later at the tennis tournament in Florida, her parents win! They use some of their prize money to get Lilly the panda. She is so excited that she faints. The End.

Under the Sea

By Robbie I, Columbia Explorer's Academy

Once upon a time there is a lonely fish named Puffy he lives in the Atlantic Ocean. They were mean to him because he was a puffer fish. The three eels loves to eat puffer fish. Hey lets bully that puffer fish and eat him. But then he puffed and puffed until he looked like a balloon with spikes. The eels were afraid of the fish Puffy and never eat him again and the other fishes wanted to be his friend because he is the strongest, scariest fish in the ocean.

UNTITLED (Wonder Woman & Heinz Date)

By Madison S. & Teresa N., Hearts to Art Summer Camp

Characters: Perry the Platypus, Wonder Woman, and Heinz Doufensmirtz
Settings: Pizza parlor in New York City

(Wonder Woman and Heinz Doufensmirtz are on a date in a pizza parlor in New York City. )
H: I’m so glad we could finally do this. It’ll make my ex-wife so jealous. 

W: Yeah, sure. (WW gives an unsure look). How will this whole thing work out though. I’m good, You’re evil. 

H: Well, Two opposites attract. The moment I first saw you, I knew. It was real. 

(Perry sneaks up on HD, trying to talk to him.)

H: Perry! Not now! 

W: I’m sorry, what? 

H: Oh, nothing! See this is my arch-nemesis, Perry! He’s a platypus

W: (Gives a look like he’s crazy). Yeah. I can see that! The End.

White House

By India G., 3rd Grade, Sherman School of Excellence

Setting: In Chicago 1998
Characters: India, 21, Doctor and gets $700 Blue cheese a week, Ms Davis

Ms Davis: Oh No India I lost the $700 you gave me
India: Don’t worry, I got you I have money in my pocket. I bought the white house. I kicked Donald Trump out
Ms Davis: I’m so glad I live in the white house with India and Hillary Clinton.
HC: We’re gonna get us a hot tub and kittens.
India: lets Break up the house with a gate for Dogs and Cats. So they dont kill each other. Cause you know how animals are.
(everyone nods) (1999)
Steph: (sees New girl) Heeyy
Mary: Hey Didn’t I see you in Alabama
Steph: Ya Girl I Did Let’s Be friends (hug)
Steph & Mary: Hey India
India: Hey lets go out to eat. Its on me 5 stars
The End.

Trapped in the Maw!

By Nicolas L., 4th Grade, Peirce School of International Studies

Once there was a girl named six, she was trapped in the Maw she was looking for a way out. She went into a room and realized it was a spa and the people who worked there were getting massages and she said “Wrong room!” and slammed the door. The End.

The Three Stooges Back in Business

By Micahel, Kaylan, Shkiyra, Anthony, Darnell, Lauren, Maya, Nathaniel, Marshae, 6th Grade, Dewey School of Excellence

Once upon a time, there were the three stooges. They were best friends, so they decided to live together. They loved nature and wanted to have their own stuff so they bought a barn in Lucille Mountain in the year 3010. Moe, Tyrone, and Curly tried to raise money for their barn. It is old and near the edge of the mountain so it is about to fall off. They have a comedy fundraiser. Tyrone says “Comedy fundraiser right here”. They don’t have enough money. So they have to sell some stuff. They decide to sell Curly masks. Curly feels great because his face is everywhere. Vegetable Painting. They make enough money & Curly becomes famous. Tyrone & Moe become famous too because they are his acquaintances. Tyrone is jealous of Curly’s fame, so they get into an argument. Curly pushed Tyron into Moe which made Moe kick him down the stairs. Tyrone hits his head so hard that he goes into a coma. Tyrone loses his memory. He never wakes up until 1000 years. Moe & Curly went back to the barn & it got too old & fell on them.
1000 years later…
Moe & Curly are dead. Tyrone is the same as he was. He finds himself a job. He becomes a lawyer.
Then 1 year later he dies. They all meet in Heaven & have the same problems. Moe & Tyrone are still holding their grudges about Curly’s fame. Tyrone pays God to bring him back to life & go back in time. Moe & Curly’s children live in a village where mostly women live. Tyrone happens to go to the same village because he’s looking for a wife. He gets married & adores the children so that they will become famous. He doesn’t know it be he adopted Moe & Curly’s children. They find out who each other are. Tyrone loves his children and lets go of his grudge and they all live happily ever after. The End.

The Queen with No Friends!

By Dariyana, 4th Grade, Morton School of Excellence

Once upon a time there was a queen and her friends. And she said let’s go to a party and have some fun. But they said we have to go to the mall. So the Queen got mad and she yelled at them and they said sorry but we have to go now and she said go and don’t come by me anymore. We was sorry they said and she left and never came back and did not have friends. THE END.

The Girl who said NO!

By Victoria V, 4th Grade, Columbia Explorer's Academy

Once a girl named Layla and she live in a Beautiful grey house that was very big and she loved painting. One day her dad said “you have to find A husband”. But Layla said “no I am fine all alone”. Her father said “oh but there is wonderful guys out there.” So all the guys came in even if Layla said no. After Layla meet all the guys she said no to all of them the last guy came and her dad liked him but Layla said no and she ran out. So no Layla lives in a little house she made and she has no husband and still love to paint. The End.

The Butler

By DJ, Danny, Michaevion, and Sarah, Ravenswood Youth Guidance/BOM Summer Program

Once in a Mega Mansion in La, there were 2 Migos, Quevo and Offset. They were filming the video Stirfry. The Butler was getting drinks because their voices were dry from singing all day. Quevo and Offset began drinking the drink the Butler made, but it was nasty. The drink had a small bee in it, and it was bland with no taste, and it smelled like molding cheese. They spit the drink out back into the cup. They went and found the butler and poured the nasty drink on him. The Butler felt disrespected, he didn’t like smelling bad. He was raging. He smashed a glass on the floor and yelled “I quit!” They went back to filming but realized they couldn’t do it without the Butler because he was the camera guy too. So they hired a Manager so he could record the video. The next night they didn’t sleep well because they were thinking about what happened with the Butler. So they woke up, hired the Butler, apologized, and paid him $10,000. The End.