I Am Foggylogg With a Long Tail

By Treasure T., South Loop School
Poems Songs That's Weird, Grandma

I am Foggylogg with a long tail.
I see big birds with purple dots.
I fear lava with jello in it.
I hope one day I can be a fly eater
I am Foggylogg

I am Biggligg Fogglogg’s sister
I think I should fly with birds with purple dots
I cry when Fogglogg eats bugs
I touch anthing nastey
I am Biggligg, Fogglogg’s sister

I am Coggfogg, Fogglogg’s brother
I try to talk to them
I pretend to be a monster
I say to them everyday I love you
I am Coggfogg, Fogglogg’s Biggligg’s brother