I Remember When I Went To The Circus

By Daviona C., 3rd Grade, Reavis Academy
True Stories That's Weird, Grandma Other Venues TOTL 2006

I remember when I went to the circus it was when I was six years old. The circus was great I saw all kinds of animals and acts. My favorite of the circus was when I saw the elephant because I love the elephant and I love the part when I saw the woman on the rope she spin around on the rope her hair was flying in the air she was spinning fast and she did not even fall of the rope. I saw my favorite actor I ask her can I get her autograph she said yes. I win lots of games at the circus. I bought some cotton candy it was very good. I saw a clown and I saw lots of mime. I really liked the mime too. I was watching the mime about for an hour I like the part when the mime was walking down then stars I was really interested in the mime I took the mimes picture I ask the mime can he teach me how to walk down the stairs but he really was not walking down