My Name Is Dahlia

By Jordan, Loyola Park After School Program
Dialogues That's Weird, Grandma

My name is Dahlia.
I forget things A lot. I am always hungry. I am 9 turning ten in March. My other hand is for eating. I get Bad grades. My other hand is for forgetting things. I can’t remember what my friends like to do. I forgot who my friends are. I hate being forgetful. I forgot what foods I don’t like. I forgot if I like to listen to music. I forgot what my favorite color is. I think I visit the park.

Kombat: Hi! What’s your name?

Dahlia: Dahlia. What’s your favorite color?

Kombat: My favorite color is red and black. Black because I love the dark. Red because that’s what I leave behind when I fight.

Dahlia: Oh. What did you say? I forgot.

Kombat: Wow! I said I like black because I love the dark. I like red because that’s the color I leave behind after I fight.

Dahlia: Oh. What’s your favorite color?

Kombat: Never mind. Do you like to go to the movies?

Dahlia: Yes, do you?

Kombat: Yeah, But only when Jackie Chan movies come out. Maybe we could go to the movies one day?

Dahlia: Ok. Let’s go before its too late.