UNTITLED (Wonder Woman & Heinz Date)

By Madison S. & Teresa N., Hearts to Art Summer Camp

Characters: Perry the Platypus, Wonder Woman, and Heinz Doufensmirtz
Settings: Pizza parlor in New York City

(Wonder Woman and Heinz Doufensmirtz are on a date in a pizza parlor in New York City. )
H: I’m so glad we could finally do this. It’ll make my ex-wife so jealous. 

W: Yeah, sure. (WW gives an unsure look). How will this whole thing work out though. I’m good, You’re evil. 

H: Well, Two opposites attract. The moment I first saw you, I knew. It was real. 

(Perry sneaks up on HD, trying to talk to him.)

H: Perry! Not now! 

W: I’m sorry, what? 

H: Oh, nothing! See this is my arch-nemesis, Perry! He’s a platypus

W: (Gives a look like he’s crazy). Yeah. I can see that! The End.