Untitled (Hunter)

By Steve S., Cleveland School
That's Weird, Grandma

Once there was hunters who lived in a forest.  One time they has an argument about who’s gun was cooler, shoots good and how powerful it is.  A man named hunter said “the only way to settle this is by having a gun fight to see who’s gun is cooler, shoots good and how powerful it is!”  So they had the gun fight but all they were shooting was the trees, flowers, grass and everything that is nature.  But then after that ran out of Ammo it doesn’t matter what gun is cooler.  But the one person who had a lot of Ammo left was hunter.  He said “I have the most Ammo here now if you don’t want me to shoot you guys I suggest you admit my gun is more cooler, shoots good and powerful.”  Then the hunters admitted that hunter’s gun was cooler, shoots good, and powerful then he started saying “Yehaw, Yehaw.”  He shot three times and shot a hunter on his butt and he said “ow, ow, ow lets just say we never use a gun again.”  The end!