Untitled (Man Fairy)

By Olumide A., 3rd Grade, Loyola Park After School Program

One day a flying man fairy flew in the window of Steve’s house and took all of his books.  Steve’s tooth came out.  The fairy took all the books to the library and got a fairytale book.  The fairy’s bag of tooths were very heavy-he was flying with a broom.  Some witches needed someone to help them.  “Abracadabra!” said the witches, and the fairy said, “Me?”
Man Fairy said, “You don’t look like a fairy!”  And they went to someone’s house and the little girl said, “Don’t you give the children anything?”  And the Man Fairy went to the moon and his broom broke-cause the bag was really heavy.  The girl taped the broom and sang, “La la la la la la-la la la la la la-the end!”