Behold the wonder and majesty of the PlayMakers Laboratory Archive! Here you can read 26 years worth of stories written by children that PlayMakers Laboratory have performed for the public. It’s been a magical journey.

In an effort to reduce the many obstacles that stand in the way of writing stories, making plays, and using imagination, we ask that students not focus on spelling and grammar while they craft their work. We ask that you keep this in mind when you delve into their masterpieces.

The Love Bird

By Lashawn, 3rd Grade, Morton School of Excellence

So there was a love bird, if the love bird land on someone, they will fall in love with the first thing you see and you will be in love forever and ever, but if you want to break the curse you have to dig and dig, and dig for 27 hours and you will see the treasure and you open the treasure box and you will find a cat. You have to love the cat and the curse will be broken forever. The End.

The Wedding

By K.K., 4th Grade, Peirce International School

Characters: David the friend, Karen the wedding girl, and Andrew the wedding boy
Setting: They were at meeting at night
There was a wedding and the wedding was going fine until someone said I do not want them to marry each other because then she won’t want to hang out with me as a friend So they kicked him out and then they lived happily ever after. The End


By Josiah, 3rd Grade, Dixon Elementary

Today at school we had Playmakers. My favorite playmaker is Elijah. Elijah is very cool. Elijah is so cool he could tie his own shoe. Elijah’s so cool his eyes are blue. Elijah is so cool his watch is nice. Elijah is so cool he keeps his beard smooth. Playmakers are very nice they draw so fast in no time. Playmakers are funny and very active and fun. The End.

The Trip to Remember

By Landon, Jaylah, Mario, Tenley, Zoey, Donnie, South Shore Park, Summer of Stories Program

Once there was a teenager named Tiana. She lived in Downtown Chicago. Her parents had some money, but they were kind of cheapskates. They were major couponers. Tianna’s brother: Jeff Jeffrey Jefferson also bullied her every day. Tiana had a school trip coming up to Paris that cost $5,000, but her parents only gave her a single dollar and told her to clean her room. She got a job that paid her $1,000 a month - taming a lion at the circus. BUT one day, her parents found out and made her quit the job. They gave all the money Tiana made to Jeff. But while Jeff was sleeping, she stole the money out of his room. Tiana sued for emancipation and won and got to go on the trip to Paris. The End

IRS Dognappers

By Finn and Aaron, 4th Grade, Peirce International School

Setting: Home
IRS dude: This is the IRS, pay your taxes.
Rando dude: No
IRS: I have ur dog
Rando dude: Your lying
Dog: (Bark!)
Rando dude: How much do I owe you
IRS: Your life savings
Dude: No.
Dude: Here (pays on computer $)
IRS: Were keeping your dog
Dude: NOOOOOOO! (Kneels down in pain)
IRS: haha.
To be continued…


By Mark, 4th Grade, Columbia Explorers Academy

Yo intento combenser a mi papá que me compre un xbox x/s por esta razon… Por que tambien te gusta por eso quiero que lo compres
1st Por que es el xbox mas abansado.
2nd Porque no se necesitan discos para jugar nadamas te metes a los juegos.
3rd Por que nunca falla le internet y los juegos se pueden jugar sin internet. Fin.

The Adventures of Dude-Pop & Bob

By Arshveer, Andrew, Lizzie, Leela, Harper, Thalia, 1st Grade, Bell Elementary

Once there was a dolphin that was an acrodancer named Dude-Pop. Dude-pop’s BFF was a dog named Bob. They were spending the day at the underwater stage having an art day: Dancing like crazy, playing and drawing. Suddenly 2 great white sharks tired to eat them but a swarm of jellyfish lured the sharks to a cove where the sharks could not fit. Dude-Pop and Bob thanked the Jellyfish with a dance party and became their new friend Girl-Pop and Gina. The End?

Secret Pilot

By Diamond, 5th Grade, Columbia Explorers Academy

Long ago there was a famous singer but they didn’t want to be a singer.The only reason they were one was because they wanted to make their parents proud. So they kept quiet. Their name was Boda Frost. They really liked to go to the beach with friends.They lived in Chicago. They actually really love planes and the sunset. Their dream was to fly a plane and fly into a sunset with their partner. But they were in a secret relationship and they did a lot with each other. Then a few years later they came out to their parents and Boda and their partner got married.The End.

Happy Gets Sad

By Noah R, 3rd Grade, Skinner West Elementary

There once was a guy named happy. He was always happy. But one day he was…SAD! Everyone was sad too because he was the sorse of happiness! Then one guy in a limozeene came out and took Happy to a taco stand and he got happy again! 

The end

Watch out for part 2! Happy and the ultimate sad-storm…

Jerry the Tooth Bunny

By Mariel, Ari, Ava, Vanessa, Charlotte, Genevieve, Aiden, Rowen, 1st Grade, Bell Elementary

Jerry was a tooth bunny who collected teeth because he wanted to be a tooth fairy. A tooth bunny! He went to a cottage where a kid had lost his teeth. It was 3am in the night. It was very dark, with the moon out. When he went in the cottage, he couldn’t find the teeth that the kid lost. He was sad. He quietly walked out of the cottage and said “ I guess I’m not a toothbunny anymore.” He tried to get teeth from another kid, but he failed again and again and again and again. But! He saw one more cottage. He went inside and saw 3 teeth on the ground. He was excited. He said “who lost these!? I can take the teeth and leave some coins!” He left the coins and he said “I am a tooth bunny!” And he lived happily ever after. The End. Until the next tooth is lost Dun Dun Dunnnnn. The End.