Behold the wonder and majesty of the PlayMakers Laboratory Archive! Here you can read over 20 years worth of stories written by children that PlayMakers Laboratory have performed for the public. It’s been a magical journey.

In an effort to reduce the many obstacles that stand in the way of writing stories, making plays, and using imagination, we ask that students not focus on spelling and grammar while they craft their work. We ask that you keep this in mind when you delve into their masterpieces.

The Yome Cowe

By Fernando, 3rd Grade, Lorca Elementary School

The yome cowe was so yome a secrol bet his legs now he has 3 legs. The yome cowe went to the beech a dog bet his eir off now he has 1 eir. The yome cowe went to the [ark a cat bet his tel now he hos no tel. The End

Subway Kids

By David C, 4th Grade, Columbia Explorers Academy

Dear Mayor,

I think that anyone can work at Subway no matter any age from 10-90 because some kids need money and cookies give them energy to work. My other reason is kids can bring broccoli soup so they can go in the teachers room. Another reason is some kids can learn math from counting money. In conclusion I think that kids can work at Subway any age. 10 or older.

The Rich Writer

By Christian, 4th Grade, Poe Classical School

Once upon a time there was a boy named Nick. He lived in a mansion in LA California. He always earn money by writing stories. Right now he has 100,000,000 dollars in the bank. His mom does not like his stories and her name was Emily. She told him to write biographies. “Please mother,” Nick pleaded. “Just write one long biography about Steve Wonder” said Emily. When he wrote the 9 paragraph page, his mother was satisfied. “I am really proud of you, Nick.” she said.

The Girl named Moisture

By Kanyn, 4th Grade, Poe Classical School

Once upon a time, there was a girl named moisture. She was born in 9073. She was named moisture because she was born during a thunderstorm. He wanted some friends. But she couldn’t find any. The next day, a girl named chicken flavored seasoning packet came along (Or you can call her “chickie”) Chickie and moisture became friends emediatly. They had so much in common so they played. And lived happily ever after!
The end!

Moral: Don’t be afraid that you can’t find friends, but you really can if you try to accomplish it!

The Fight

By Lucy , 6th Grade, Erie Elementary

Once there was two best friends named Emily and Lissette. They had everything in common. They were at the park at 6:00pm. When something really bad happened. Lissette found out that Emily hated ice cream. Lissette got mad and they had a fight. They kept on fighting until 9:00pm. They didn’t talk to each other for two weeks. Meanwhile Emily was crying and eating ice-cream. One day Lissette came to her door to say “Sorry I shouldn’t have judged you just because we didn’t have something in common, will you forgive me?” “No I can not!” Said Emily with more tears in her face. And then she slipped and said “Just kidding! He He He!” And then they went to the pizza place. The End!!!


By Iyanna J, 3rd Grade, Dixon Elementary

One Monday night, me and my sister were watching TV while my parents were downstairs on their phone. Our dog Teddy was with us upstairs. Me and my sister were sitting on a blanket. My dog came and just peed on me a whole lot. I was crying and laughing at the same time. My parents and my sister was laughing at me. And in my head I was like why would my dog pee on me? The end.


By Eathan, Pierre, Tyshawn, Trevon, Kaylani, Delilah, 4th Grade, Morton School of Excellence

Here lies Texmas, the Santa Claus of Texas. He gave us presents and dry cookies with the most delicious spoiled milk every two months. His Texas oil helped the people power their cars on. He danced like a gazelle that would make clouds rain spoiled milk. The people would flood the streets to drink the milk. The story goes that he will return every 20 years to seek revenge on the Texans who killed him but for now… We bury him in his flowery carriage. Merry Texmas!

20 years later he came to seek revenge on those who killed him. He got the first one and took him to his carriage. He had no arms or legs and he begged for mercy but Texmas said “No you have to pay, so no way.” He got the last one, but he got away. He will have to wait 20 years but Texmas got his arm. Texmas said “You got away but that is okay. You still have to pay.” THE END


By Ethan and Aden , Skinner West Elementary

Setting: Roblox
Characters: Ethan The Amazing 1000 and Aden the Awesome 1232

(Game Starts)
E: I call driving
A: I’ll kick you out
E: Fine you can
( We drive a little bit 3 hours)
A: Shark!
E: Go, go, go, go
A: I’m going! (Shark eats boot shark almost kills them)
E: Welp it was nice knowing you
A: Speak for yourself I’m in a chair (Game ends)
E: We won! (Dey dances)
(Another game starts shark is next to them)
E and A: AHHHHH!!!


The Vicious Very Sad Volcano

By Asa , Poe Classical School

Once upon a time the was a volcano named Cassy. She was as big as the planet. She was very sad. She cried a whole universe. She was sad because her boyfriend dumped her. She started to shoot out lave. Shhhhhh is what it sounded like when it was shooting. Ahhhhhhhhhh the people said. They were was scared as an abused dog. The lava destroyed every thing it touched. After she stopped shooting out lava, every where was burned. Later on ,a boy volcano can up to her. It was love at first sight. The talked and talked until she accidentally had one more burst of lava. She accidently killed him. She was so sad. She grew legs somehow and walked a zillion miles to another planet. She stamped and had a fit.

Sprite and The Customer

By Bentrell & Odie, 5th Grade, Herzl School of Excellence

Setting: Burger King
Characters: Customer and Sprite
C: Can i drink you
S: No sir
C: yes i can drink you
S: No You can’t drink me!
C: i Ben staring at you all day!
S: So wait another day
C: i want to drink you right now!
S: to Bad to sad
C: O Well i am still going to drink you!
S: you can try but i’ll open this can and pour it down your pant’s
C: that is very rude of you
S: Drink the coke.
C: i don’t like coke like that
S: Do you like sausages
C: No i do not like sausages. I like sprite
S: I am telling you do not drink me because i put poison in her
C: i am still going to get drink you
S: Ok but i am still going to drink you.
The End.