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Persuasive arguments, or stories based on persuasive arguments.

Secret Pilot

By Diamond, 5th Grade, Columbia Explorers Academy

Long ago there was a famous singer but they didn’t want to be a singer.The only reason they were one was because they wanted to make their parents proud. So they kept quiet. Their name was Boda Frost. They really liked to go to the beach with friends.They lived in Chicago. They actually really love planes and the sunset. Their dream was to fly a plane and fly into a sunset with their partner. But they were in a secret relationship and they did a lot with each other. Then a few years later they came out to their parents and Boda and their partner got married.The End.

Happy Gets Sad

By Noah R, 3rd Grade, Skinner West Elementary

There once was a guy named happy. He was always happy. But one day he was…SAD! Everyone was sad too because he was the sorse of happiness! Then one guy in a limozeene came out and took Happy to a taco stand and he got happy again! 

The end

Watch out for part 2! Happy and the ultimate sad-storm…

Jerry the Tooth Bunny

By Mariel, Ari, Ava, Vanessa, Charlotte, Genevieve, Aiden, Rowen, 1st Grade, Bell Elementary

Jerry was a tooth bunny who collected teeth because he wanted to be a tooth fairy. A tooth bunny! He went to a cottage where a kid had lost his teeth. It was 3am in the night. It was very dark, with the moon out. When he went in the cottage, he couldn’t find the teeth that the kid lost. He was sad. He quietly walked out of the cottage and said “ I guess I’m not a toothbunny anymore.” He tried to get teeth from another kid, but he failed again and again and again and again. But! He saw one more cottage. He went inside and saw 3 teeth on the ground. He was excited. He said “who lost these!? I can take the teeth and leave some coins!” He left the coins and he said “I am a tooth bunny!” And he lived happily ever after. The End. Until the next tooth is lost Dun Dun Dunnnnn. The End.

The Time I Pooped on the Floor

By Anonymous, 4th Grade, Gunsaulus Scholastic Academy

One day when I was three or four i was going somewhere. But i needed to go to the bathroom. But we were already leaving so i had a choice. Either to go to the bathroom and they wait or poop on the floor. I picked to poop on the floor but that i was taking so long my mom went to grave be. And then she saw the poop. And she had to clean and she was mad

Duck Sili

By Isael, 2nd Grade, Graves Elementary

De Duck whas so sili sosososososo sili. Then he never stop Bin sili an her mom sed stop and Duli stop den duli fil to never stop den wen duli went to wis room and he stars bin sili. The End

Bad King Bad Dinosaur

By Louis, 3rd Grade, Skinner West Elementary

Once there was a king that had so much power that he could make the sun go up and down. One day a UFO abducted the king and the king crashed the ufo and forgot that he was in the ufo so he died as well and all the town was happy because the king was a very bad king and the town lived very peaceful for the next 10 days then a dinosaur destroyed the town.

The End and to be continued

Micheal Jordan’s House

By Gabe, 4th Grade, Peirce International School

Once upon a time I went to Micheal Jordan’s house just to look at it in front of the gate. When We got there we got out of the car and we all thought, WOW! It was huge, unbelievable, impeckible. So we walked closer and I herd a voice. It sounded like it a speaker. We got too close. It was security so we ran back to the car drove way as fast as we could
The End.

Dogs vs Court

By Abrielle, Markayla, Jennifer, Eriane, Marquette Park

Collin is at a press conference threatening to banish all non speaking dogs. Suzy Q says, “If I had a nickel for every dog that could talk I’d have 1 singular nickel. AKA there’s only 1 dog that talks and it’s Jerry.” Jerry also speaks up and says, “You’re just a comedian, you don’t know what you’re talking about.” Joey, an opposing politician says “We’ll use business with other countries.” Joey calls Supreme Puppy Palace Court to resolve this matter. The Puppy Court sends Collin to jail for ten years. Suzy Q is now the owner of Jerry and the White House! The End.

The Reign of Sophie

By Jaylah, Jonah, Reid, Alisa, Lincoln Park

Once upon a time there was a girl named Sophie in England, drinking sweet tea, visiting the Queen. This was her first time drinking tea and it was too sweet. And she accidentally spits it out on the queen’s corgi. The Queen is mad and kicks her out. The Queen banishes her from England so Sophie moves to America in Washington DC. And successfully becomes the 1st female president. They go to war with England, her former friend. She captures the Queen and makes England a part of the New United States of America. But it isn’t enough. Ashe’s become obsessed with power and goes to war with France. She wins that war. Little did Spohie know that the Queen had a secret child with the mayor of France, and they called him Richard Jmaes Charles III. They told him to tell everyone in America how wrong Sophie was. She tells everyone not to listen because if they do they’ll get thrown into jail like Richard James Charles III. But Richard escapes and duels Sophie for the fate of America. And Richard wins. Now England is not a part of America and neither is France. The End.

Karito & Dino Nuggie

By Ameria, Terrell, Mattea, Tatianna, Palmer Park

In Ancient times near the watering hole:
Kirito and Dino Nuggie were drinking water at the watering hole. The next day, Dino Nuggie woke up on the wrong side of the rock and was hoping Kirito wasn’t trying to have water. Sure enough, Kirito took his place at the watering hole next to Dino Nuggie which was quite the vibe. Dino Nuggie pushes Kirito away from the watering hole, so Kirito summons his man, Bill Bob Joe, to help win the battle. Kirito’s egg shell cracks, and becomes a dragon and eats Dino Nuggie. The watering hole was now available only for Kirito and Bill Bob Joe.nThe End.