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Stories that have been made into podcasts.

Untitled (There Was Nothing)

By Giovanny M., 4th Grade, Seward School
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I remember that I went to my friends house then I got happy cause we watched a movie and we talked to each other that made me happy, and I was sad cause one day I never went back to his house cause we moved to a other house and I never got to see my friend again.  Once I was happy that we went to the park and we played so much and one day I was sad cause we never got to play in the park again.  I remember too that once I rode my bike and I had fun and I could ride past and I was happy but one day I was gonna ride my bike outside then there was nothing so I started to cry.  So now I can not ride my bike any more and now I don’t have nothing to do in my house just watch the t.v. and once I had playstation 2 but we went to our house we looked all over it and there was nothing so then I got so so sad and cry. And when I moved I went to a new school and I made new friends so I got happy cause I made new friends. And I had a hamster and one day I play with my hamster and a other day he die and I got sad and cried. And I liked my uncle and he died. I miss all of the once that died and I mist all of them and I am sad.

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Untitled (Gum Drops and Ice Cream)

By Monesha W., Gale School
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I am miss walls I am 50 years old.
I believe there should be gumdrops for rain
My first reason is we could eat the rain
My second reason is the people who are huge for candy in it’s raining they could go out side for gumdrops.
My third reason is that every body would be happy
In conclusion, I believe that I love gum drops.
I am miss raffle I am 51 years old I believe that Ice cram is good for you is made out of milk and we shall have to eat it all the time and you could make it out of milk shake with strawberry and chocolate and vanilla with chocolate chips.

Wendy, Nancy, Josselyn

By Wendy G., Cleveland School
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W: Hi Nancy, how are you?
N: Hi I’m fine, and you?
W: I’m fine too.
N:  What are you doing here?
W: Nothing just walking around the mall.
W: And you?
N: I’m looking for a beautiful dress because I’m going to a wedding on Friday.
W:  Really!
N: Oh!  I forgot to tell you that it’s our best friend wedding.
W: Uh-ha, and who is she?  (asking angry)
N: It’s Josselyn’s wedding.
W: Why didn’t she envited me too? Huh?
N: I don’t know!
N: You know what I’ll call her and ask her why didn’t she envite you. OK.
W: OK. See you tomorrow because I got to go. OK.
Narrator: Next day Wendy was walking in the park.
J: Hi Wendy

Trix Fight

By Angelo D., 4th Grade, Columbia Explorers Academy
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One time there were two Brothers named stingie and hater. One day the brothers went to eat there favorite trix. One of the Brothers Stingie took all the trix but hater didn’t get any. Also there was no more milk too so hater got so mad he threw his bowl at stingie’s head.  So they started fighting over the cereal because hater wanted some.  But hater forgot that they each had there own box of trix. Then they forgot all about it &hellips; and hugged each other and ate together.

Tragic Fireworks

By Jocelyn P., 4th Grade, Lee School
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Once upon a time there was a girl named Hope. And she had a mom named Liz and a father named Ricky and one day they went to a picnic and they are going to have their picnic at Bird Island so the took there binoculars. When they got there it was really crowded and luckly they found a perfect spot. Suddenly they saw fireworks and birds flying away to live many birds died and only a few lived. To remember the birds who died the holday would be called Tragic Fireworks.

The Old Woman That Didn’t Have Friends

By Jesus, Julio, Tomas, Carolina, Xochitl, Vanessa, Yesenia, 4th Grade, Little Village Academy
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Once upon a time there was an old lady that lived in a boat house. Her names was Ashley. On Halloween she always scared the people. She scared them because she was old and everybody thought she was a witch. And every night she knocked on people’s door because she didn’t have friends. The people thought she was mean and told her to get out of their property! Then in Halloween a boy came to her house and she turned him into a frog. So the boy’s sister came to look for him in the old lady’s boat house. But then Ashley turned the sister into a frog because she loved frogs! Finally another old lady named Cindy came to ask Ashley to be her friend because she didn’t have any friends either. So they became friends and Ashley turned the frogs back into children. The children also became friends with Ashley.

The Ugly Alien and the Cute Boy

By Jessica G., Joanna G., Hendry N., Irbaz P., Jacqueline M., Alexandra E., Amber P., Cesar P. and Ajeet S., Cleveland School
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A lady named Amanda was in a UFO. Some aliens came and turned into cute men to trick the woman into following them into the UFO. Inside the UFO there were lots of leaves. The leaves smelled like perfumey candy food…She ate one leaf and turned dizzy and fell asleep. When she woke up she had three fingers, three eyes, and three antennas, and she was half-way green. The aliens welcomed her to the UFO and she slapped the aliens and said “What have you done to me!!!” She looked nice for the aliens but for humans she looked horrible. So the aliens married her.

The Two Looked at Poop

By Ariel K., Dewey Academy
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Once a pond of time there was two women watching a dog poop. They just came back from a fancy restaurant they said yuk There name was Tia and Jashay. It was nasty. But Jashay said Why are we looking at nasty stuff? Let’s go to the water tower. They looked at nice clothes. The End.

The Time I Ate a Christmas Ball

By Nicholas A., 5th Grade, Cleveland School
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When I was little it was Christmas I was 5 years old a glass Christmas ball fall from the tree. Then I ate it and I was screaming a lot. My mom and dad and brothers took me to the hospital they did x-rays and they found it then they were waiting, then they said to my mom take him to the bathroom. Because I needed to use it because they said they were going to operate me but I said I have to use the bathroom and it came out and I was crying because I had a lot of cut on my behind and my mouth. The End.

The Sick Boy

By Tomas B., Little Village Academy
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They opened the door and found a boy sick he was throwing up all over the place they took him to the doctor. The doctor was mad because he was already leaving. They took him to the American Flag Hospital but there was a car park museum and it was closed the boy was sad. The boy was excited because they found a hospital opened the boy had faith on the doctor in the hospital. The boy was happy because he was cured.