Fire Bomb Dragon Cutie

By Penelope, Scarlett, Olevnnea, Delaila, Daman, Benjamin, Protrawski Park

Fire Bomb was human who liked fire. He was a super hero that had fire on him. Fire Bomb lived in the woods, that has flowers, tree, and animals. Fire Bomb was very thirsty, he was eating his lunch of fruit, bacon, hot cheetos and other spicy food. The spicy food gave him powers, but made him thirsty. He couldn’t drink water because it put out his power. But, he could drink apple juice, gatorade, coca cola, sprite, and sunny D. Before going back to the forrest, he went to petco to buy a pet dragon that breathed fire, that he named Dragon Cutie. Fire Bomb and Dragon Cutie went to McDonald’s and got fries and a big mac and lived happily ever after. The End.