Jen’s Struggle

By Tennille, Anthony, Farrah, Jaylah, and Renson, South Shore Cultural Center

Once, there was a mother named Jen, who lived in a Chicago apartment. She had sextuplets, and they were all 13. She was struggling because her kids all wanted to experience things like iPhones products, but she didn’t have a job. She applied for an accountant job because she had her masters degree, and she got the job and she made $100 an hour, but she worked 7am-9pm. But her kids were getting mad because she was staying late and she was almost getting evicted. She talked with her kids to make sure they know why she was working late, and she met someone at the bank who was very rich and they married. Years later, her kids all went to college, she has a huge mansion, and Jen and her husband then had each other for the life they had built together. The End.