Jerry the Tooth Bunny

By Mariel, Ari, Ava, Vanessa, Charlotte, Genevieve, Aiden, Rowen, 1st Grade, Bell Elementary

Jerry was a tooth bunny who collected teeth because he wanted to be a tooth fairy. A tooth bunny! He went to a cottage where a kid had lost his teeth. It was 3am in the night. It was very dark, with the moon out. When he went in the cottage, he couldn’t find the teeth that the kid lost. He was sad. He quietly walked out of the cottage and said “ I guess I’m not a toothbunny anymore.” He tried to get teeth from another kid, but he failed again and again and again and again. But! He saw one more cottage. He went inside and saw 3 teeth on the ground. He was excited. He said “who lost these!? I can take the teeth and leave some coins!” He left the coins and he said “I am a tooth bunny!” And he lived happily ever after. The End. Until the next tooth is lost Dun Dun Dunnnnn. The End.