Karito & Dino Nuggie

By Ameria, Terrell, Mattea, Tatianna, Palmer Park

In Ancient times near the watering hole:
Kirito and Dino Nuggie were drinking water at the watering hole. The next day, Dino Nuggie woke up on the wrong side of the rock and was hoping Kirito wasn’t trying to have water. Sure enough, Kirito took his place at the watering hole next to Dino Nuggie which was quite the vibe. Dino Nuggie pushes Kirito away from the watering hole, so Kirito summons his man, Bill Bob Joe, to help win the battle. Kirito’s egg shell cracks, and becomes a dragon and eats Dino Nuggie. The watering hole was now available only for Kirito and Bill Bob Joe.nThe End.