The Reign of Sophie

By Jaylah, Jonah, Reid, Alisa, Lincoln Park

Once upon a time there was a girl named Sophie in England, drinking sweet tea, visiting the Queen. This was her first time drinking tea and it was too sweet. And she accidentally spits it out on the queen’s corgi. The Queen is mad and kicks her out. The Queen banishes her from England so Sophie moves to America in Washington DC. And successfully becomes the 1st female president. They go to war with England, her former friend. She captures the Queen and makes England a part of the New United States of America. But it isn’t enough. Ashe’s become obsessed with power and goes to war with France. She wins that war. Little did Spohie know that the Queen had a secret child with the mayor of France, and they called him Richard Jmaes Charles III. They told him to tell everyone in America how wrong Sophie was. She tells everyone not to listen because if they do they’ll get thrown into jail like Richard James Charles III. But Richard escapes and duels Sophie for the fate of America. And Richard wins. Now England is not a part of America and neither is France. The End.