The Unbirthday Party

By Jonathan, Stockton Elementary
True Stories Podcasts

I got my first birthday present on my birthday and then my mom told me to do not eat that cake from the table, but then I just went to the bathroom and see if my mom was gone from the cake, sodas and food.  I snick and got a cup from the table and pure soda.  Then I run to my room and save the soda and put it on my table and I got a piece of cake and then my mom saw me get cake and saw the soda I wanted to drink.  When it was time for my birthday I blow out the candle and my mom take out the candle out, she push me into the cakeand then when I went to the bathroom I was feeling sad and crying because “they” “were” “so” mean to ME.  Then when my birthday was over I stold a piece of cake and soda Haaa!

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