The Wolf Man

By Samantha H., Little Village Academy
Holidays Halloween Podcasts

Characters: Wolf man and young girl

Setting: An abandoned factory

YG: Wow an old factory I wonder if anyone still works here.  (scared motion)
WM: Never come here again or I will kill you.  (scaring her away)
YG: But why?  I just exploring the factory.  (backing away)
WM: Because everyone just assumes I’m horrible and ugly.  (looking away)
YG: I don’t think you’re ugly and horrible. (coming forward)
WM: You really think so.  (looking up)
YG:  Well sure.  You’re not that bad.  (kind voice)
WM: Thank you and you know, you’re right.  (looking in mirror)
YG: Of course I’m right I’m always right. (happily)
WM: Fine.  I’ll come out.  (looking at her). be continued…

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