Untitled (Monkey and Little Girl)

By Alma A., Avondale
Dialogues Podcasts

Characters: Monkey and Little Girl
Setting: Forest

Monkey: UUHAA I am going to eat you.

Little girl: why do you want to eat me I don’t taste good.

Monkey: Well then who tastes good?

Little girl: You!

Monkey: Me!!

Little girl: yes you taste great.

Monkey: (confused)

Little girl: Monkey taste really really good.

Monkey: Let’s see who tastes good. I am going to eat you I am really hungry.

Little girl: please don’t! Look I have a cooked turkey it tastes great.

Monkey: Okay I will eat it but could you eat with me.

Little girl: Oh Yes!

Monkey: This is great!!!

Little girl: Yes it sure is!

Monkey: Do you want to be friends?

Little girl: (thinking)

Monkey: Please I don’t have any friends.

Little girl: So you are lonely.

Monkey: Yes L L L (Sad)

Little girl: okay

Monkey and girl: (happy) J J J J J J

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