By Lucy N. and Hanna P., Loyola Park
Dialogues That's Weird, Grandma

Narrator: It was a normal day so far.  3 friends named Lily, Monkey,
M: What?
N: (her real name’s Emily) and Anna.  They were walking to school then suddenly…
M: Look I found a note on the ground.  Naah let’s leave it nooooo actually let’s pick it up and look.
A: That’s so cool!  There might be something awesome inside of it (excited!)
L: There might be something bad in it.
M: Who care I want to see what’s inside!!
L: okay then you’ll be sorry!!
M,A: No we won’t. (attitude) Let’s open it.
N: The girls opened it very carefully.  Monkey read it out loud.
M: It say (what is on the note) Wait what does that say
L: It say Jogococo
A,M: he does not have very good cursive
L: How do you know that a boy wrote it?
AM: Because boys don’t have good handwriting.
L, A,M: Let’s go.
To be continued.