Here are some great ideas to get you started.

this just in!
You are a reporter and you were just on the scene as your favorite superhero saved the day!  Give us the juicy details in a special news report with the who, what, when, where about how it all went down!

dear mayor…
Put the pen to paper and push it to over to City Hall.  Take a good look and listen carefully to the world around you.  How would you like to make Chicago a better place with a little help from the head honcho of our city?  Write a letter the Mayor of Chicago about what changes you would like to see!

buried treasure
A team of explorers has found a buried treasure at the bottom of the ocean, this isn’t any ol’ treasure, it’s a treasure containing your favorite memory.  Give us the gold and let us know what moments you hold dear…

now hear this!
You’re on a trip to a museum and you discover you have the ability to talk to one famous historical figure or legend from the past.  Who is it?  What would you ask them?  What do they have to say and teach us?

chicago: 3050
Oh no!  A time machine has left you lost in our city of Chicago, but the big problem is that it just so happens to be the year 3050.  What does the future look like?  What do you see?  How has the city changed?  Are you stayin’ there or hitchhikin’ through time to get back home?

this is your life!
Interview a family member, friend or classmate and write their life story, a biography.  Illustrate it and give them a copy.

After you write your story or poem or play, ask your teacher or parent to send it to PlayMakers Laboratory!

“These are some of the funniest nonfamous people in the city... every time I see them they exceed my expectations.”

–Jenn Goddu, The Chicago Reader