Brennan Buhl

Company Member Since: 2003

Favorite Food: A bag of Nacho Cheese Doritos. Then I wash it down with my soul's tears.

Superpower: Bursts of Superhuman Obsession…(watches 18 documentaries about The Who.)

Animal That Describes My Acting Style: You know when Meerkats stand in a line like that? With their little paws? And then at the end of the line there's the one little Meerkat looking in the wrong direction?…As focused and attentive as anybody else…just…not, quite…didn't quite get it.

Favorite Line From a Story Written For PML: "My dream job is…NO JOB!!!! All I want to do is do anything." (tie) "Yes. I will like to be your friend." (And finally, said by a desperate, desperate Easter Bunny) "It's fun 'o clock in the EASTER time zone!"

Ghost, Kitty, Robot, or Muffin? Ah geez. How about this. Robot lungs, which would allow me to pick up the kitty and rub its little face…but then ultimately I would just put it down and go grab the muffin. And let's be real; probably through all the other activities I was thinking about how great it was gonna be when I got my hands on that muffin.