Rachael Koplin

Company Member Since: 2017

Favorite Food: Cheese! Unless it smells weird, and even then, I'll still probably like it. Because cheese.

Superpower: 50% of the time, able to catch things just before they fall with ninja fast speed, but if I miss it, it makes a huge comical mess. So I either catch the pen mid air or the ink busts open upon impact on the floor. It's a gift and a curse.

Animal That Describes My Acting Style: Clumsy pandas

Favorite Line From a Story Written For PML: "We believe everyone should follow their dream. Otherwise they will get bad luck." from Hearts to Heart Summer Camp 2017

Ghost, Kitty, Robot, or Muffin? Muffins... that cause kittens to turn into robots, a special recipe created by a bitter baker that resented his cat's love of roombas.