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Persuasive arguments, or stories based on persuasive arguments.

The Vicious Very Sad Volcano

By Asa , Poe Classical School

Once upon a time the was a volcano named Cassy. She was as big as the planet. She was very sad. She cried a whole universe. She was sad because her boyfriend dumped her. She started to shoot out lave. Shhhhhh is what it sounded like when it was shooting. Ahhhhhhhhhh the people said. They were was scared as an abused dog. The lava destroyed every thing it touched. After she stopped shooting out lava, every where was burned. Later on ,a boy volcano can up to her. It was love at first sight. The talked and talked until she accidentally had one more burst of lava. She accidently killed him. She was so sad. She grew legs somehow and walked a zillion miles to another planet. She stamped and had a fit.

Sprite and The Customer

By Bentrell & Odie, 5th Grade, Herzl School of Excellence

Setting: Burger King
Characters: Customer and Sprite
C: Can i drink you
S: No sir
C: yes i can drink you
S: No You can’t drink me!
C: i Ben staring at you all day!
S: So wait another day
C: i want to drink you right now!
S: to Bad to sad
C: O Well i am still going to drink you!
S: you can try but i’ll open this can and pour it down your pant’s
C: that is very rude of you
S: Drink the coke.
C: i don’t like coke like that
S: Do you like sausages
C: No i do not like sausages. I like sprite
S: I am telling you do not drink me because i put poison in her
C: i am still going to get drink you
S: Ok but i am still going to drink you.
The End.


Dear Mom and Dad

By Kristen , Skinner West Elementary

Dear Mom and Dad,
What is taking so long? Where’s the puppy? I’ve been asking you sense I was $. All those years - WHY? Every Christmas, Holiday, yesterday, AND TODAY, why not the dog yet? I picked out the name and breed! Let me give you reasons.
1. They are adorable!
2. Helpful, even though they do the “Doo Doo” Thingy.
3. The glitter in their eyes makes me feel - HAPPY.
-Can you get me a dog please? Sincerely Kristen
-I’ll also take care of it! The End.

The Food Disaster

By Bolakale, Skinner West Elementary School

Once upon a time in the year 3519 there was a restaurant called Pizza Central and at Pizza Central they only sell Pizza but the pizza was made by robots and it was always good but one day someone knocked pickles in the pizza dough and instead of telling the cook they made it look like nothing happened so when someone ate a pizza there something was not right “ew” they said this pizza has pickles in it everyone left the pizza place and the owner was broke. The End

Bunny Agreement

By Skylar, Skinner West Elementary School

Characters: Queen Txunomy , Prinssese Emily
Setting: Castle in Brizile

PE: Mommy Can I get a bunny?
QT: If you find a prince and marry him before sundown you can get 7 and a mom for them.
PE: Will you get accsesorys and beds too?
QT: Sure.
QT: But you have to earn a quarter of the profit.
PE: (The next day) heres the money and prince the wedding is done. (Proudly)
PE: Yep.
QT: Anyways heres the bunnys.
PE: I love you, I’m going to play with Ponelepy
QT: I still have other bunnys.
QT: Oh no!

To be continued!

The Crazy Rockers

By Meagan, Youth Guidance After School Program at South Loop Elementary

What up you all it’s time to rock in roll I have a huge fashion show today and they said that we can only wear light colors but guess what, I ain’t doing that today because I’m a rocker and I’m as cool as Beyoncé. Then I drove to the fashion place whatever it’s called when I got there everybody was like omg… The End.


By Isaiah S, 4th Grade, Peirce International School

Characters: Isaiah, Pete
Setting: Sidewalk

I: Do you want to go to space with me?
P: No!
I: Why not it will be fun!
P: No!
I: Why give me a answer!
P: Okay, I am afraid of anything that goes off the ground.
I: You will not even notice there are no windows.
P: I guess so! When do we leave.
I: I know! (he pushed a button and a huge claw out them in a rocket ship and flow up in the air!)
I: Landing on mars in two days!
P: WHAT! You did not tell, meee, it was going to take TWO DAYS!
(They finally got there and Pete did NOT like it)
The End

Pizza People

By Amelia, Bella, Drew, Keelin, Cherokee Elementary

It was July 2016 and the US Olympic team had just won gold. Everyone met for breakfast after their celebratory pizza karaoke party the night before. They got a call from Domino’s Pizza in the middle of breakfast. Domino’s asked the team to represent them in several TV commercials. “OOOOO” they said! “Of course we’ll do it! Free pizza!” “I’m Megan! I’m Bella! I’m Julia! I’m Drew! We sure love Domino’s. The chosen pizza of the US Olympic team!” After days of commercial filming and pizza eating, the team was sick. The team met for a swim practice and they felt different. After a few minutes in the pool, they emerged different and soggy. They had transformed into actual pizza. A member of the diving team approached the pizza people and treated himself to a nice hearty lunch. The End

1994 Tech

By Vanessa, Loyola Park After School Program

In 1994 there was phone. Not like 2017 phones, be big thick phones, that your hands can bearly grab with your hands. Mostly in 1994 we made a lot of work, we really did not had all that technology that we have, now on the days. Also kids used to be played with toys and board games. Now we play with their touch phones. In 1994, people got the tech and started playing with it and getting addicted. The End

Lazy Jenny

By Joshua S. , 4th Grade, McPherson Elementary

Once in 2015 there was a person named Jenny. She was lazy it was like she was making a competition of who could be the laziest. One time she was laying in bed about to go to sleep when Jenny’s house was lit on fire. Now most people would get up and go. But Jenny said ill deal with that later. So Jenny waited until it got to her room and thats when she called the fire department. They got there just in time and the told her to go out the widow. What Jenny said was ok but can you help me I haven’t gotten up since I was 9 and now I’m 29. So they helped her and now every 3 days a week she either gets up and takes a run or goes to the gym. The End.