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Holiday themed stories.

The North Pole

By Alex and Victoria, Kinzie Elementary School

Characters: Wolf named Buddy. Tiger named Stripe
Setting: North Pole/Christmas

S: Hi! (waving at Buddy)
B: Hi (waving to Stripe)
B: What are we doing today?
S: Let’s go to the North Pole?
B: OK (Agreeing with Stripe)
B: I can’t believe we are at the NORTH POLE! (surprised)
S: OH MY GOSH it’s a reindeer!
D: Hi!
D: I have to go bye! (Leaving)
B: NO!! (Jumpin on Dosher)
S: Oh no!
B: Ahhh!!! (falling off of Dasher)
S: I got you! (catching Buddy)
The End.

Can We Have Superpowers?

By Mkai, 3rd Grade, Poe Classical School

Dear God, can we have superpowers? It will be so cool. We can have superheroes fighting off criminals faster than police. If we can have superhero families, we can fight off multiple criminals at once. We can have super cool hero names that people will remember and we can return lost things to citizens. We will be so popular that will make for us. If we have powers the world be a better place without criminals. The End.

The Fire King

By Leslie, 5th Grade, Dixon Elementary School

There was once a man who was covered in fire. His eyes blood red his hair looked like cooled magma. The fire king said “Whad do you wanne Bethany” Bethany responded “Please come back home, your family misses you.” The fire king screamed “how am I suppose to come home if I burn every thing I touch” and the he accidentally burned Bethany. The Fire King said “oh no what have I done.”  The End.

The Hair Stylest

By Makayla , 2nd Grade, Carter School Of Excellence

Once upon a time there was this crazy hair stylest who cut hair off of people’s hair in her hair as a wig. Then she try to kill the people then she easts the flesh of the people Because she is a werewolf. then the person Becomes a zombie and go eat the other people and they Become zombies too. Then they expire, turn into dust, and creep people out. Then all of them expire. Then it spread all over the world. The End.

Jonny’s Last Day

By Naomi D, 4th Grade, Columbia Explorer's Academy

Once upon a time there was a boy named Jonny.  He loved to play baseball.  One day he got in trouble for wasting all the money on a baseball game.  One day his mother called him down and said “Jonny.”  He said “Yes.”  She said “Go to the candy store and buy one of those big hearts that are made out of a pig.”  Jonny hated eating that.  His mom gave him the money.  Jonny went to the candy store.  When he looked out the window, he saw a baseball game.  Jonny told the lady “Never mind.”  So Jonny went to eh baseball game and wasted all of his money on it.  Jonny thought:  “Oh, no.  The candy.  Mom is going to be mad.”  Jonny said that he could just tell her he got robbed.  While Jonny was walking home, he saw a dead big.  He told himself that he could just take out he the heart from the pig.  So he did that.  When he went home, he gave the heart to his mom.  HE ran upstairs and went on his computer.  He heard a voice say:  “Jonny, give me back my heart.”  He said:  “Who is that?” Then, it said it again: “Jonny, give me back my heart.”  His mother called him down for dinner.  He didn’t want to eat.  When Jonny went down to get orange juice, he saw everyone eating the heart.  He was sick to his stomach.  He went back upstairs and got ready to go to bed.  In the middle of the night, he heard:
“Jonny, give me back my heart, I’m three blocks away from your house.”
“Jonny, give me back my heart, I’m two blocks away from your house.”
“Jonny, give me back my heart, I’m one block away from your house, I want my heart back.”
Jonny was really scared.
“Jonny, I’m on your house steps.”
“Jonny, I opened the door and now I’m walking up the stairs.”
“Jonny, I’m by your room door.  I want my heart back.”
“Jonny, I’m by your bed, I have to tell you something…........
OINK….I want my heart back!”
To be continued.

The Monster

By Sebi M, 4th Grade, Peirce International School

Once o upon a time there was a Monster that was named nothing! The Monster was scary as a dementor but as sad as are rock. Since the monstor was so scary he had no friends! But on day the Monstor went on a walk and all of sudden he heard “crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch!” So the Monster turned around to run back to his cave but when he turned around he saw a Ghol so scary it did not have any friends too! Because the Ghol was as scary as a zombie! So the Monster asked the ghol if they wanted to be friends and the ghol said yes. So they played Ghol/Monster/Tag together! And they were friends forever! The End.

Monster Monologue

By Devante,, Dewey School of Excellence

Monster under the bed: (to Bob) Hey Bob I have been under your bed for a while and nobody knows that I’m under your bed besides u and I want to go out to the real world Iwant to be free and stop being under the bed all the time I’m going to try to get something to eat and not get caught by your mom or dad brb……………………………………..I’m back so it took so long well bob it was nice knowing u but before I got I will sing a song see u again it been a long day without myfriend and I will tell u all about when I see u again. The End.

Vampire Kiss

By Keashaunda, Chalmers School of Excellence

Once upon a blood there was a young 1700 year old girl named Suzen.  She went to a high school called Blood Bites.  She went there for about 500 thousand years and she met a human.  He wasn’t just human he was goth.  She never saw a human like that before in her Ghoulie life.  She went fly her ghoul friend and then she showed her who he was and Fifi said that a human.  She said yeah I know ghoul and Fifi said you have to tell everyone to bite him and Suzen said “No! I like humans.  I will bite him myself when I want and she flew behind him and said Hi I’m Suzen.  What’s your name.  He said Rotney and she said you’re new aren’t you Rotney says yeah first day.  Suzen says well would you like to go to the park later.  Rotney says Col what time.  8:05 and Rotney says I’m only 17 I have curfew.  Suzen and Suzen brings a drink that was red and she told him to drink it and he fell asleep and she took some the blood in the cup and kiss his neck with the blood and sinked her teeth in his neck and took his blood and Rotney woke up in the bed pale white.  The End.

The Old Man

By Marcos, Loyola Park After School Program

One day there was an old man that lived in a big house but it wasn’t a mansion.  And he had a maid and it was a boy.  The maid hated the man’s big eye and he wanted the cut it off so one day when the man was sleeping the maid got a knife and he killed the man.  The neighbors heard something and they called the cops and when the cops came to the man’s house the maid made a hole in the house on the floor and put the man in the hole.  And he patched the hole up.  So when the cops came in they wouldn’t see him and when they told him where the old man was he said he was in a vacation. When the cops left he saw a hand in the bed.  It was old.  THE END.

The Day it was Halloween

By Nakiya , Super 7 Girls Program at Willa Cather Elementary School

It was Halloween the day people was scary people on a day a kid went to a Haunted House he knocked on the door and the door when click click then the door opened a big monster came out and it was big and I long legs so I run as fast as a car till I got home I went upstairs and sat on my bed and went to relax so when I got out my bed the monster was there so I run to my mom and she was not there so I run outside then I saw a ghost and it has a big head like a big pumpkin and then I went to my house again and lock all the doors and window and the monster was at the window so I went upstairs and locked all the windows too so I went in the kitchen and saw the ghost and I got some food and went back upstairs and locked my room door then I ate a candy bar and drink some pop and the next day I unlocked my door and went to my mom’s room and she was there so Halloween passed and I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth and washed my face and I cut off the sink water and it went like SEPK and I went’ out the bath room and went to the kitchen and got some cereal and ate it and washed my bowl up and when I went up the stairs and my mom was not there so I was so scared I was shaking like like…. THE END.