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Holiday themed stories.

My True Story

By Dante W., 4th Grade, Reavis Academy
True Stories That's Weird, Grandma

perform this story please.  Oh please please please.
I remember when I was three years old.  I used to run around the house buttneked.  Every time I did that my mom said go put some cloths on neked boy.  Some of my mom’s friends came over.  Soon as they saw me I ran right in my room and put some cloths on.  I was so embarrassed!  Then they said you are crazy running around the house in your birthday suit.  I am not going to tell you what my uncle’s friends said when I did it again.

My Name Is Dahlia

By Jordan, Loyola Park After School Program
Dialogues That's Weird, Grandma

My name is Dahlia.
I forget things A lot. I am always hungry. I am 9 turning ten in March. My other hand is for eating. I get Bad grades. My other hand is for forgetting things. I can’t remember what my friends like to do. I forgot who my friends are. I hate being forgetful. I forgot what foods I don’t like. I forgot if I like to listen to music. I forgot what my favorite color is. I think I visit the park.

Kombat: Hi! What’s your name?

Dahlia: Dahlia. What’s your favorite color?

Kombat: My favorite color is red and black. Black because I love the dark. Red because that’s what I leave behind when I fight.

Dahlia: Oh. What did you say? I forgot.

Kombat: Wow! I said I like black because I love the dark. I like red because that’s the color I leave behind after I fight.

Dahlia: Oh. What’s your favorite color?

Kombat: Never mind. Do you like to go to the movies?

Dahlia: Yes, do you?

Kombat: Yeah, But only when Jackie Chan movies come out. Maybe we could go to the movies one day?

Dahlia: Ok. Let’s go before its too late.

On Jupiter

By Shea, Annette, Dequan, Kevin, Robert and Rahkeem, Harold Washington Elementary
Dialogues Holidays Winter Holidays That's Weird, Grandma

Croc the Raccoon: I’m thirsty
Egg Nog: Well, you’re not gonna drink me!
Croc: Oh, yes I am gonna drink you, you crazy egg nog!
EN: I’m not crazy!
Croc: You might not be crazy, but you’re one big ole nog!
EN: Crazy Croc!
Croc: I might be crazy, but I’ve got you in my hand and am gonna drink you in a minute!
EN: Silly raccoon eggnog is for kids!

Love Is Romantic

By Marcel H., Burnham Anthony School
Holidays Valentine's Day That's Weird, Grandma

One time there was a man named Maritien that always worked he never made time to do stuff. Until he found this lovely lady name Marie. They had so much stuff in common they had in common was drawing, work all day, play jokes, singing, and soccer, and play very great video games. One day they decided to go on a nice and romantic date were no ones there were they can see a sea a birds flying and fish and boats floating and some wear they could be alone and have a great time. Three weeks after it he wanted them to go on their on boat were there were alone he asked her could he marry her she cried and said yes I will. Two months after that they a real wedding. They had one son and one daughter his name was Mark. Her name was Marian they lived haply ever after until they died. The end.

Kung-Fu Guys

By Shakyra C., 5th Grade, Chalmers Elementary
That's Weird, Grandma Other Venues TOTL 2006

Once upon a time there were 6 guys names Jake, Luke, Nick, Jack, Geoff and BJ. They were all at football camp dancing in the shower. The 2 girls Tina and Jasmine was recording them dancing and put it on everyone website in camp the guys were mad and the 2 girls got in trouble and they got kick out of camp and got sent home from camp. And the guys never ever danced in the bathroom to kung fu music again.

I Believe We Should Have Halloween Projects Til 12PM

By Stephanie L., 4th Grade, Columbia Explorers Academy
Holidays Halloween That's Weird, Grandma

I believe that on Oct. 31 we can have Halloween projects till 12:00 p.m.

My First reason is because Halloween projects are cool.

My second reason is that every kid has to have a pumpkin to make a pumkin globe.

My third reason is Halloween is cool like chismas.

That’s why I believe that Oct. 31 we can have Halloween projects till 12:00 p.m.


I believe that Oct. 31 we shouldn’t have Halloween projects till 12:00 p.m.

We’ll be lazy.
We’ll be tired.

I am Super Jump Rope Girl

By Tyekeasha E., 4th Grade, Dewey Academy
Superheroes That's Weird, Grandma

I am super jump rope girl. During the day I am a maid. My super power is to jump rope fast. My costume is some boxing shoes. I will not rest until I beat Nick in jump rope. My enemy is Nick. The last time we saw each other we was friends until he said he will beat me in jump rope.

In The Middle

By David J., Tuley Park Words@Play Program
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Being in the middle is hard
I hate getting beat up by my big brother
And annoyed by my little brother
And always messed with
Sometimes my little brother
Messes up my room
My big brother tears up my posters
So I have to go to the store and buy another one.
I don’t like being in the middle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
When my mom goes out
My little and big brothers toture me.
I don’t like being in the middle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!