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Earlier this week, Barrel of Monkeys invited writers of all ages to participate in free creative writing workshops in Millennium Park. The actors and educators at Barrel of Monkeys are now bringing the stories to life in a free show at Millennium Park (Cloud Gate). Enjoy the stories from our Millennium Park participates, along with stories written by our students in Chicago Public Schools.

We hope you enjoy the show!

1. A Story Blah Blah Blah

2. The Battle of Ice and Lava Go Bears

3. The Story of My Life

4. The Adventures of Little Butter

5. The Lowest Rate Hotel

6. Attack of the Facial Hair

7. El Jugo y La Hormiga

8. Rappers Airport Beef

9. The Destruction of Chicago

10. I am Lake Michigan
11. The Museum

12. CTA Zebras

13. Monster High

14. The Bubblegum

15. The Wind and the Rain

16. Chicago

17. The Bean

18. The Super Hero Squad

19. My Bugatti

20. Dogs

21. Work Together

The Lobster Factory

By Joseph W., Cleveland School
That's Weird, Grandma

One day their was a boy named Robin he worked at a lobster factory named Alberts one time while he was working a lobster jumped on his face and he was bleeding to death he call his mother and when she saw the lobster on his face she passed out then finally the lobster let go of his face and Robin ran away from the lobsters and then his mother got back up and did not see her son there so she look for him she found him and he said he would never work there again so he got a better job and he liked it and they all lived happily ever after.

The Girl Who Ruined Her Sister’s Life

By Troy C., Jasmine R., Malik S., Tierra W., Curtis F., and Jerry L., Dewey Academy
That's Weird, Grandma

Once upon a time it was a man named John, a girl named Lila and Lila’s sister CC that can turn into a dragon.  She could protect her sister, Lila.  Lila liked John and John liked Lila, but Lila’s sister didn’t want them to get together.  She tried to ruin their relationship.  When John and Lila would go somewhere, CC would say she had to go to the bathroom and she’s come back as a Dragon and try to grab her sister, and she and John would battle.  Lila had visions when her sister was going to do something bad, and Lila’s life was miserable.  The reason CC acted bad was because she wanted to get some attention, so she started a war between the Hot and Cold, so John and Lila break up because John is on the Hot and Lila’s on the Cold. CC was going to go to the Freeze to get more people to battle John.  When CC and John were fixin to battle, Lila tried to make them be friends.  They tried to take her but she turned into a dragon.  John took CC to get some ice cream, and she became friends with Lila.  They stopped to war.  The end.

The Destroyer

By Drake B., 3rd Grade, Loyola Park After School Program
Songs That's Weird, Grandma

The destroyer wil kill you!!!!! He likes to kill people with only a touch. The destroyer is the best pro staring contest winner. The destroyer was born on a planet named Mafagapagamif. His enemy is pants. He wears paper-mache for glasses.

The Crazy Reindeer

By Kajuan H., 5th Grade, Henry Suder Elementary
Holidays Winter Holidays That's Weird, Grandma

The reindeer just didn’t know what to do, but he did it he didn’t know what to do because santa didn’t need him anymore because they were fighting and arguing.  So the reindeer was going crazy, he didn’t eat all he did was go out side with a house coat and a silly houseshoes that didn’t really fit him.  So he flew back to the north pole asking santa can he work for him.  I won’t be crazy anymore.  Then why you still have on the house coat.  So the reindeer took the house coat off.  So santa said all right then they were back friend again.

The Cereal Bandit

By Galen Y., Hough Street School
True Stories That's Weird, Grandma

Hello my name is Ryan and this morning when I was eating my cereal I turned my back and when I turned back all my cereal was all over the table.  As you already know my name is Ryan but what I really need help with is to find out who dumped my cereal all over the table!  Do you think you can help?  Well than. Lets get to work. Here’s what I know.  I woke up this morning very hungry so I went in the kitchen and asked for breakfast My dad said how about cheerios I pointed (that means O.K.) as my dad poured the milk he said mm good eats, My sister Riley asked me for a tiny bite, and my brother Chase well he can’t talk so I guess he can’t be the bandit. My mom loves cheerios. Maybe it was her? But I can’t say it was first, need all the information!


By James, 5th Grade, Harold Washington Elementary
Holidays Thanksgiving That's Weird, Grandma

Once there was a family who’s having Thanksgiving. The boy’s name is John, his mother’s name is Jenny, and his aunties and his uncle’s names are Jack and Dorthy. Before they ate John made a Thanksgiving toast. Everybody says are you sure about this. He says yes I am. Jack the uncle said, this is a wonderful thing to do. Dorthy his auntie is waiting for the food, but she doesn’t want to toast. He toast anyway. This is what he said I love all of you and I wish you a very happy Thanksgiving.


By Del S., Loyola Park After School Program
True Stories Songs That's Weird, Grandma

When I was six may mom got me two tadpoles. One of them died I was very sad a lat of weeks later the other one died. Then my mom got me two more tadpoles and they died. Then she got me one more. But one day it flipped and laded on a sharp thing and it was bleeding. The next day it was dead I was very very very very very very very very very very very very sad. The End.

Ninja Turtle / Talking Apple Setting: House-Princess House

By Malik F., 3rd Grade, Reavis Academy
Dialogues Podcasts That's Weird, Grandma

TA: Thank you for your help getting us out of the mountain!
NT: I used our sword to get us out of the mountain.
TA: Let’s go home!  And eat some carrots, because they are good for your eyes.  Also sausages.
NT: Yes! I like carrots and sausages as well.
(they eat)
TA: Mmmmm!  That was good!
(they go to bed, because it’s nighttime)
NT & TA: Let’s watch TV!
(They watch Ninja Turtle cartoons and That’s So Raven)
TA: let’s cut the lights off and go to sleep.
(They wake up and go to play in the snow)
NT: This is fun!
TA: This is cold!
NT: Let’s go inside to warm up by the chimney.
TA: That’s a good idea, but I still want to play outside with my toys.

The end.

I Am Poop

By Nicholas, 5th Grade, Cleveland School
Poems Podcasts That's Weird, Grandma Other Venues Wilmette 2007

I am poop.
I see a toliet.
I fear of going down the toliet.
I hope I do not go down the toliet.
I am poop.

I am brown.
I think I will go down the toliet.
I cry for going down the toliet.
I touch water.
I am big and some time I am little,

I am one of the smelliest things in the world.
I try not to go down the toliet.
I pretend to be a log.
I say I am a log.
I am lonely.

Soft Hearted Stuntman

By Jennifer C., 4th Grade, Columbia Explorers Academy
That's Weird, Grandma

Once upon a time there was a soft stuntman he was not like any other stuntmen he was soft hearted and all the other stuntmen where cold hearted and were very very mean and he was very very very nice.  The end