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Stories and poems featured on the "Monkeys Come Alive" CD.

The Little Cowboy

By Devonte V., Reavis Math and Science Academy
Dialogues That's Weird, Grandma Other Venues TOTL 2006 Wilmette 2007

little cowboy: Dad can I go out an feed my horse.

Dad: NO boy because it is danger out there.

little cowboy: But my horse is out there, he can keep me from the danger.

Dad: That horse is the danger.

Little cowboy: Dad please, I love that horse, how can I show him that if I do not feed him, he will die.

Dad: I said NO okay boy.

Mom: Way did you do that to that boy he is become a little cowboy he can not be one if his horse is dead so let him feet that horse.

Dad: I sad NO and no means NO I said.

Little cowboy: I wish I can live by my self.

Dad: boy you can go feed your horse and you can ride your horse boy because I love you and I am your dad and I will all ways love.

The Boat War

By Nne C., South Loop School
That's Weird, Grandma Other Venues TOTL 2005 Wilmette 2007

One day it was a great day, but until it was a war that start. But a lot of things happen to these people. Some people died some people stayed alive. It was a lot of booming sounds from the way I hear. I was in the boat it was warring. And I was scared and I woke up. I woke up and the war was done. I went upstairs in the outside of the boat. It was a lot dead people around. Some was alive and I was the doctor so I had to take off all those people. I didn’t know what to do but take all the bullets out of them. They came back alive but they was hurt really bad. They was in a lot of pain. It was not good for me and the guys. We won the match and now I was happy that we didn’t have to war anymore. But it was another war. It kept on going. Then we fight and fight until we won. But lost we almost lost, we did win. I went on the boat and I saw the doctor. But the doctor was scared. He was a doctor and he gave up.


By Eddie, Columbia Explorers Academy
True Stories That's Weird, Grandma Other Venues TOTL 2005 Wilmette 2007

Ones a day a kid said to me your stupid so I wondered if I really was stupid so then my friend told me that I’m not stupid so he came with me to tell me again that I was stupid so then a bigger kid said him a bad word so I told that kid to stupid and he hit me in my ear and I was bleeding so the kid that called me stupid said thanks for standing up for me so he became my friend and I still have the mark from were he hit me and the tall tall kid had detention for a week and their parent took with me and I told them what happened so his mom told me that he was going to get grounded.

Star Wars 3

By Claudio F., Loyola Park After School Program
Dialogues That's Weird, Grandma Other Venues TOTL 2006 Wilmette 2007

[Note: this story was written months before the real “Star Wars 3” was released in theaters.]

LuK: It’s snowy today master.
Jar: Don’t worry. If you are patient it will be gone soon.
LuK: We are staying in de castle 3 more days.
Jar: We need food and supplies.
LuK: Then we are going to outer space.
Jar: Then we are getting to meet Turkey.
LuK: And then we are going to turkey city.
Jar: Then we are going to the sea to relax, take all the human souls to give it to another baby when the baby is gunna come. Now that the soul is gone, we’re going to give you tips about Jedis
To be continued
Jar: Now let’s practice
(They do. With sticks)
Jar: Let me give you tips. There’s a lot of Jedi moves. There’s difficult ones. But you are going to discover them alone
To be continued
Jar: Let’s practice in the ballogram. There we will get our sticks.
LuK: Let’s go first to metro city. Let’s get our octopus bus.
Jar: We have trouble. A giant octopus dragon is attacking us. Let’s go into a cave, we will be safe.
LuK: Oh no, the power is out. Let’s get our suits to swim.
They swim to metro city. To be continued.
To make war.

LuK: We win the war! Let’s celebrate!
Princess: I’m the princess. Now for helping us win the war you win the precious ball of justice.

The End

Pear and Apple

By Nick, 5th Grade, Pritzker School
Letters That's Weird, Grandma Other Venues Wilmette 2007

Dear Pear,
You are lucky because you have a good view of the city. I would like it if you consider changing places with me.

Dear Apple,
Your idea is weird and no I do not want to change with you. I like it here. We can’t switch anyway we are attached to the branch.
I hate you,

I Hope I See Him Again

By Gabrielle C., 5th Grade, Henry Suder School
True Stories Holidays Valentine's Day That's Weird, Grandma Other Venues TOTL 2006 Wilmette 2007

One day I meet this boy at the movies. He was looking at me and I was looking at him. He was fine, sexy, adorable, wonderful. It was so much I had to say. I knew he was the one. My friend Tenisha asked him did he want to go with me he said yea he asked what was my name I said Re-Re. Then he asked how old I were that really caught me. I said 13. Now he asked for my phone number and I said 1-800 talk to you later. And I ran. But after all he caught me by the car he asked if I was really 13. I told the truth that I was 12 years old. I had to tell him because it was hurting me inside. So he said OK because he was really 12.  So I found out that it is no reason to lie. Because someone might be the same age as you. Or have the same problem. The End. *I Hope I See Him Again*