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Stories, poems, etc. that were adapted into songs.

Hot Sauce

By Isra T., Gale School
True Stories That's Weird, Grandma

When I was five years old all of my six brothers. And my only sister, my mom, and my dad. Was going to eat chicken, rice, and corn. My sister got some hot sauce and then I said I wanted some. And I got some in my eyes! I screamed on the top of my lungs! My eyes turned red I went to the sink and put water in my eyes. I was feeling better. I sat down and eat my food. And I said I’m never eating hot sauce again! And I was sure!

Cereal Story

By Iztel A, Alejandra A., Brian C., Everardo M., Abel F., and Eduardo M., 4th Grade, Columbia Explorers Academy
Holidays That's Weird, Grandma

Once upon a time there was a lady named Mrs. Casas.  She loves to eat cereal at her house.  One day she was eating healthy frosted flaked when little leprechauns came and started watching her eat.  Mrs. Casas said: “Hi, go away please!”  The Leprechauns say: “We’re going to give you gold and roses, please let us stay.”  Mrs. Casas said: “You can stay for only one week.”  So Mrs. Casas goes to work in the Sears Tower and leaves the Leprechauns at her house.  The Leprechauns cause a mess and go crazy.  They break all the plates and jump in the bath, and spill the orange juice off the table.  They drop the roses all over the floor.  Mrs. Casas gets home and says: “Oh my gosh!  Go home and never come back!”  And she never saw the Leprechauns again.
The End.

By The Mystery

By Marc L., Reavis Academy
True Stories That's Weird, Grandma

One time ago.
In the summer I went to old country buffet. I ate non stop for 8 hours my and my family went out I didn’t feel so good. I felt like puking my stomach was growling. I ran to a garbage. I puked. We went home. I learned my lesson. Never eat for 8 hours non stop. Next time I will know that and I puked in the cab on the way home. I went to sleep. I kept on puking. I kept on trying to go to sleep my mom called my we went to get me some medicine. I stopped puking I went finally went to sleep. The end.

Untitled (BMX Bikers)

By Charlie F., Cleveland Elementary
Podcasts That's Weird, Grandma

One day there was four BMX bikers named Victor Steve Kevin Jimmy and they liked to do stunts and enter contest and they were in a competition and Jimmy’s steering wheel broke off and his brake went out and there was a huge jump ahead and he could not stop and he jumped the huge bump but he did not make it the front tire went sideways and when he landed he fly off his bike and broke his leg and the doctor said he could never ride a bike again his friends said we will do a team competition for him and give him the trophy but they came in second place and Jimmy was so happy he got good friends to have. The end.

Listen to the podcast episode adapted from this story!

Fashion Police: Volume Two

By Alexus F., 4th Grade, Harold Washington Elementary
That's Weird, Grandma

Setting: In the mall
Character: Kyra & Fashion Police & unFashion Police

Krya: That Fashion Police was right!

Fashion Police: I’m always right Kyra.  Don’t forget I’m here to help fashion.

Kyra: Well, can you help me again.  I’m looking for a dress.  But the dress I picked out is unfashionable.

unFashionable Police: You can wear that it’s not wrong with that.

Kyra: You really think.

unFashionable Police: “Yeah”.  It’s really nice on you.  It really do.

Fashion Police: No it don’t.  Do not listen to her.

Kyra: Why can’t I listen to her.

Fashion Police: Because she’s trying to make you unFashionable.

Fashion Police: Volume One

By Alexus F., 4th Grade, Harold Washington Elementary
Dialogues That's Weird, Grandma

Setting: In the Mall
Characters: Kyra and Fashion Police

KYRA: Man look at these clothes. Who are they made by. There made by Gucci.

FASHION POLICE: No, no, no. Put them pants down. You shouldn’t wear that.

KYRA: Why not?

FASHION POLICE: Because you’re not suppose to wear that with that Gucci shirt because leather and Gucci don’t go together.

KYRA: Well, what should I wear with the shirt?

FASHION POLICE: Let me think. You can wear corduroy pants or jeans. My work here is done!

A House

By Lucy N., Loyola Park After School Program
Holidays Winter Holidays That's Weird, Grandma

One day there was a house on ridge elfs lived there and the elfs just bought the house.  The next day the elfs lived there one of the elfs went to the bathroom and all of the elf went after him but they all wanted to go to the bathroom in the house.  There are 100 elfs waiting for the bathroom.  There is one bathroom in the house.  All the elf have name their names are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and on and on to 100 and elf number 1 says “We should have 100 bathrooms in this house.”  So number 99 went to the neighbor and used their bathroom.  Number 10 went to the school and all the elf went to the school except number 99 and 5 but the school was full so all the elf that are not 5, 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 99 had to go home and hope that 5 is done…with the house bathroom so some one came and built 100 more bathrooms so all the elf can go to the bathroom the problem is solved.  The end

Aliens From Schaumberg

By Claudio, Loyola Park After School Program
Dialogues That's Weird, Grandma Other Venues Wilmette 2008

In the year 208XX the world Ersh have been almost positive of aliens being real.  People were doing that.
The aliens were planning something.

Aliens: We’re prepared for The Projects.
Alien Jon: He Bob, Joits Junying Fain. (alien words)
Alien Bob: The scientists made me into a giraffe.
Alien Jon: Want some Jub Jud (alien food), ya’ll?

Barbecued Chicken

By Anna C., Lincoln Park Words@Play Program
Poems That's Weird, Grandma

If you ever run into
a piece of barbecued chicken
run away as fast as you can to China.
If you get tired on the way
take a plane. If they give it to
you on the plane, start a food
fight. It will be fun. Just
make sure no one throws it
back at you. Then get off the
airplane and make hotel reservations.
Enjoy China, but remember
barbecued chicken is evil.