Ninja Turtle / Talking Apple Setting: House-Princess House

By Malik F., 3rd Grade, Reavis Academy
Dialogues Podcasts That's Weird, Grandma

TA: Thank you for your help getting us out of the mountain!
NT: I used our sword to get us out of the mountain.
TA: Let’s go home!  And eat some carrots, because they are good for your eyes.  Also sausages.
NT: Yes! I like carrots and sausages as well.
(they eat)
TA: Mmmmm!  That was good!
(they go to bed, because it’s nighttime)
NT & TA: Let’s watch TV!
(They watch Ninja Turtle cartoons and That’s So Raven)
TA: let’s cut the lights off and go to sleep.
(They wake up and go to play in the snow)
NT: This is fun!
TA: This is cold!
NT: Let’s go inside to warm up by the chimney.
TA: That’s a good idea, but I still want to play outside with my toys.

The end.