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Stories that appeared in the 2006 Theater On The Lake show.

The Ugly Alien and the Cute Boy

By Jessica G., Joanna G., Hendry N., Irbaz P., Jacqueline M., Alexandra E., Amber P., Cesar P. and Ajeet S., Cleveland School
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A lady named Amanda was in a UFO. Some aliens came and turned into cute men to trick the woman into following them into the UFO. Inside the UFO there were lots of leaves. The leaves smelled like perfumey candy food…She ate one leaf and turned dizzy and fell asleep. When she woke up she had three fingers, three eyes, and three antennas, and she was half-way green. The aliens welcomed her to the UFO and she slapped the aliens and said “What have you done to me!!!” She looked nice for the aliens but for humans she looked horrible. So the aliens married her.

The Two Looked at Poop

By Ariel K., Dewey Academy
Songs That's Weird, Grandma

Once a pond of time there was two women watching a dog poop. They just came back from a fancy restaurant they said yuk There name was Tia and Jashay. It was nasty. But Jashay said Why are we looking at nasty stuff? Let’s go to the water tower. They looked at nice clothes. The End.

The Time I Ate a Christmas Ball

By Nicholas A., 5th Grade, Cleveland School
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When I was little it was Christmas I was 5 years old a glass Christmas ball fall from the tree. Then I ate it and I was screaming a lot. My mom and dad and brothers took me to the hospital they did x-rays and they found it then they were waiting, then they said to my mom take him to the bathroom. Because I needed to use it because they said they were going to operate me but I said I have to use the bathroom and it came out and I was crying because I had a lot of cut on my behind and my mouth. The End.

The Sick Boy

By Tomas B., Little Village Academy
That's Weird, Grandma

They opened the door and found a boy sick he was throwing up all over the place they took him to the doctor. The doctor was mad because he was already leaving. They took him to the American Flag Hospital but there was a car park museum and it was closed the boy was sad. The boy was excited because they found a hospital opened the boy had faith on the doctor in the hospital. The boy was happy because he was cured.

The Seven Penguins’ Adventure

By Latyra B., Kenny R., Ladarious H., Howard M., Ieka H., Brandon S., Charlene H., Brittany T., and Marlisa B., Henry Suder School
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Once upon a time, there were seven penguins. They lived in an abandoned building in a refrigerator. They lived on a different planet. They were very hungry and they didn’t know how to get to the North Pole to get food. They planned to hitchhike on an airplane to get to the North Pole. They put on hats and faces and coats and stacked on top of each other to look like humans. They didn’t have Plutonian passports to get to Earth, so they couldn’t get on the plane.  So they jumped into suitcases. They got to the North Pole, and Santa gave them food.

The Race

By Dorian W., South Loop School
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Once upon a time there was a man named Truman.  And he was joining the Big Race finals to win $300.  When he was practicing he run 5 miles a day.  When he run home he took his dog out and ran with his dog.  His dog was named Ace.  His dog was really nice and could run so fast.  He was the fastest dog in the whole world.
Truman was a gym teacher.  When he went to gym class he taught them to run 6 miles & he ran with them.  Truman taught at junior high.  The big race was in one more week.  One more week to practice.  When he got home he ran 10 blocks and went to the store, too.  His friend was competing in the race.  He was the fastest in Kansas City.  He ran for two days.  He ran from Kansas City to Memphis, TN.  The race was in three more days.  He asked Truman to practice.  They ran from Kansas City to Chicago. 
The race was tomorrow.  When Truman practiced, he tried so hard he thought he could beat his friend, Laslo.  “Today is the Race.” Said Laslo on the phone to his friend, Truman.
After Truman ate breakfast he took his dog out and ran.  The race was 2 hours when the race was about to start, Truman took his dog to his son’s house.  No dogs were allowed.
1 hour to the race.  Truman was very mad because his friend Laslo was making fun of him because he was slow.  Truman’s Dad knows Laslo’s dad.  Laslo’s dad knew that he was a cheater.
The race was about to begin.  They had to go from Kansas City to Sacramento.  The race started at one o’clock.  They had to run for 7 hours.  Truman and Laslo were in the lead. 
They made it to Denver.  Laslo had a plan to cheat.  He tripped Truman.  Truman fell into a sack and got tied up.  He didn’t have a cell, so he couldn’t call the police.
Laslo stopped at a restaurant named the 4 Aces.

The Princess’ Sleepover

By By Alveta M. & Tashay M., 4th Grade, Chalmers Elementary
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Characers: Princess Tashay (PT), Princess Alveta (PA)
Settings: castle

PT: I am inviting all of my princess friends to the castle for my sleepover.
PA: Princess Tashay we have to make our invitation for all the princesses of the world except the dangerous one.
PT: I am going to mail these invitations.
PA: Did you make a mistake and invite the dangerous princess?
PT: Yes. ****
PA: Today is the day of our party.  Let’s get ready.  A princess is at the door.
PT: oh no it is the mean one.
PT: let’s vanish her with our powers.
PA: Now she is gone forever.
PT: Let’s finish having our party.
PA: First let’s go to the ball and set up the party.
PT: Okay.

The Lobster Factory

By Joseph W., Cleveland School
That's Weird, Grandma

One day their was a boy named Robin he worked at a lobster factory named Alberts one time while he was working a lobster jumped on his face and he was bleeding to death he call his mother and when she saw the lobster on his face she passed out then finally the lobster let go of his face and Robin ran away from the lobsters and then his mother got back up and did not see her son there so she look for him she found him and he said he would never work there again so he got a better job and he liked it and they all lived happily ever after.

The Girl Who Ruined Her Sister’s Life

By Troy C., Jasmine R., Malik S., Tierra W., Curtis F., and Jerry L., Dewey Academy
That's Weird, Grandma

Once upon a time it was a man named John, a girl named Lila and Lila’s sister CC that can turn into a dragon.  She could protect her sister, Lila.  Lila liked John and John liked Lila, but Lila’s sister didn’t want them to get together.  She tried to ruin their relationship.  When John and Lila would go somewhere, CC would say she had to go to the bathroom and she’s come back as a Dragon and try to grab her sister, and she and John would battle.  Lila had visions when her sister was going to do something bad, and Lila’s life was miserable.  The reason CC acted bad was because she wanted to get some attention, so she started a war between the Hot and Cold, so John and Lila break up because John is on the Hot and Lila’s on the Cold. CC was going to go to the Freeze to get more people to battle John.  When CC and John were fixin to battle, Lila tried to make them be friends.  They tried to take her but she turned into a dragon.  John took CC to get some ice cream, and she became friends with Lila.  They stopped to war.  The end.

The Destroyer

By Drake B., 3rd Grade, Loyola Park After School Program
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The destroyer wil kill you!!!!! He likes to kill people with only a touch. The destroyer is the best pro staring contest winner. The destroyer was born on a planet named Mafagapagamif. His enemy is pants. He wears paper-mache for glasses.