Cereal Story

By Iztel A, Alejandra A., Brian C., Everardo M., Abel F., and Eduardo M., 4th Grade, Columbia Explorers Academy
Holidays That's Weird, Grandma

Once upon a time there was a lady named Mrs. Casas.  She loves to eat cereal at her house.  One day she was eating healthy frosted flaked when little leprechauns came and started watching her eat.  Mrs. Casas said: “Hi, go away please!”  The Leprechauns say: “We’re going to give you gold and roses, please let us stay.”  Mrs. Casas said: “You can stay for only one week.”  So Mrs. Casas goes to work in the Sears Tower and leaves the Leprechauns at her house.  The Leprechauns cause a mess and go crazy.  They break all the plates and jump in the bath, and spill the orange juice off the table.  They drop the roses all over the floor.  Mrs. Casas gets home and says: “Oh my gosh!  Go home and never come back!”  And she never saw the Leprechauns again.
The End.