CTA Zebras

By Ronin W., Loyola Park After School Program
That's Weird, Grandma

Yesterday, three zebras escaped from the zoo.  Their names were Howard, Central and Wellington.  They ran to a bridge with tracks on it, but no electric tracks.  They are glad it’s not electric.  It’s a CTA track, the line for the Red and Purple Line.  The zebras hop on the train and ride to Belmont, and switch to a brown line train to the loop.  They roade to Washington and Wells, and got on the Orange Line and took it to Adams and Wabash, then they got on the Green Line and took it to Clark and Lake.  They got in the elevator at the top and rode down to the street.  Then they walked to another elevator and took it down to the Blue Line Subway Platform.  They got on the Blue Line and took it to Forest Park.  They got off the train and went to the park and played on the playground and got back on the Blue line an dtook it to Clark and Lake.  They got on the Orange line and took it to Midway airport.  They checked out the airport to see what it was like and got back on the Orange line to Clark and Lake, back to the blue Line to O’Hare Airport, checked out the airport, then went back home to the Zoo.  The End.