Dear Purse Landlord

By Ruby D., Christopher C., Jayvon, Jalen S. , Hearts to Art Summer Camp

Dear Purse Landlord,

We are a purse, a beautiful purse! Named Betsy Johnson! And we want more objects inside of us! Like more money, cotton, food stash, & candy! We are empty and poor and we need them to live! Also we are giving other objects a home to have! Also we will irritate and keep asking you purse landlord until we get what we want! We will destroy you purse-lord unless you give us more stuff! In conclusion we want more objects!

P.S. We want a purse girlfriend!

Dear Purse,

I will give you whatever you want! I am afraid of you. I don’t want to be destroyed.

Purse Landlord
P.S. Here is a purse girlfriend. They are very nice!
The End.