Everyone Get Married

By Sade T., Brian H., Eva S., Bailey G., and Israel E., Graham Elementary School
That's Weird, Grandma Celebration of Authors

There was a girl named Rosanna.  She met a guy at school named Buck.  They call him Buck because he is a hunter who shoots Bucks (Deer).  One day Rosanna brought Buck home to meet her mom and Grandpa.  She also had a live deer. Rosanna’s mom, Ashley, wanted to smack Buck upside the head with a vase, because he was obnoxious and he kills deer which makes Ashley upset and scared.  Grandpa just wants his applesauce.  Buck hates applesauce and throws it in the trash. Grandpa hits Buck with his cane and says “Hey! I wanted that you young-timer!” Buck had bought Rosanna a snake and her mom hated the snake.  The snake ties to eat the deer and their pet dog.  Rosanna marries Buck.  The mom marries the pet dog.  The snake marries the deer. And grandpa marries the applesauce. THE END.