Family Road Trip Gone Wrong

By Yulnia, Angelica, Armond, Dewey School of Excellence

Dad: Family rode trip
Mom: (Hugging dad) thanks hunny
Bonquisha: Yeah yeah yay
Dad: (Whispers to mom) I need to talk to you
Mom: Later
Bonquisha: lets go
Mom: yeah lets go
Dad: Ok
Togeather: (Walk house into car.)
Dad: We’re here
Bonquisha: I’m going to explore
Mom: (surprised) Bonqueequee is dead!!
Dad: The pig ate her
Mom: take the pig
Pig: Oink
Dad: We’re divorced
Mom: Oh no no
Pig: Oink
The end

Mom: (to the audience) I went to a camping ground with my husband and my daughter then we ate bean and rice. My daughter is extra adventurous so she went wandering into a pig farm and the pigs ate her. Me and my husband found her dead and we got divorced.
The END!