Fashion Police: Volume Two

By Alexus F., 4th Grade, Harold Washington Elementary
That's Weird, Grandma

Setting: In the mall
Character: Kyra & Fashion Police & unFashion Police

Krya: That Fashion Police was right!

Fashion Police: I’m always right Kyra.  Don’t forget I’m here to help fashion.

Kyra: Well, can you help me again.  I’m looking for a dress.  But the dress I picked out is unfashionable.

unFashionable Police: You can wear that it’s not wrong with that.

Kyra: You really think.

unFashionable Police: “Yeah”.  It’s really nice on you.  It really do.

Fashion Police: No it don’t.  Do not listen to her.

Kyra: Why can’t I listen to her.

Fashion Police: Because she’s trying to make you unFashionable.